Erdoğanist mob attacks opponents at Turkey’s Brussels consulate as they vote for referendum

Sultan Uğraş was reportedly stabbed in throat and is reported to be in critical condition. The injured people have been taken under treatment.

Pro-Erdoğan mob has attacked the pro-Kurdish opponents of Turkish government on their way to Turkish Consulate in Brussels to cast their votes for Turkey’s referendum of April 16 over executive presidency, left three people injured.

A Kurdish woman named Sultan Uğraş, a man named Mahmut Yaşar and another Kurdish citizen named Hasan got injured as a result of the attack. Uğraş was reportedly stabbed in throat and is reported to be in critical condition. The injured people have been taken under treatment.

Following the incident, it is claimed that the assailants entered the Turkish Consulate. Dissident Kurds have been gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate and protesting the attack of the Erdoğanist mob.

Turkish citizens living in European countries on Monday started to cast their ballots in Turkish missions across the country for a referendum on a constitutional package that will increase Turkey’e autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s powers and change Turkey’s system of governance into an executive presidency.

Europe is home to an estimated 2.5 million Turkish citizens eligible to vote. Over 3 million Turks, of whom 1.4 million can vote, live in Germany.

Turkey’s relations with various European countries have recently become strained due to the cancellation of rallies planned to be held by Turkish ministers in order to seek the support of Turkish expatriates for a referendum in Turkey on April 16. (SCF with March 30, 2017

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