Erdoğan refuses to listen to Kurdish citizens’ messages during a radio show

Turkey’s autocratic President Erdoğan has refused to listen to the messages of Turkey's Kurdish citizens in a radio show hosted by Mehmet Akbay (Gezegen Mehmet). Photo: @gezegen_mehmet

Turkey’s autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has refused to listen to the messages of Turkey’s Kurdish citizens in a radio show he was attended in on Monday evening, according to a report by Birgün daily.

Speaking at a radio show named as Mehmet’s Gezegen and hosted by Mehmet Akbay, Erdoğan has shared his views on the proposed constitution change, the referendum process, the failed coup attempt, and more. When the host Akbay wanted to have Erdoğan listen to Kurdish constituents’ comments recorded back in 2015 before the November 1st elections, Erdoğan is heard as saying, with a whispering tone, ‘do not meddle in with that.’ The dialogue goes as:

Akbay: There is a show that I hosted on Kral FM between the dates of June 7th and November 1st (2015). We had talked to the Kurds. I have compiled their messages here and would like for you to listen to them.

Erdoğan: (Whispering) Don’t! Don’t meddle in with that!

Akbay: Yes, ok! Then, I’ll forward these to you personally and you’ll listen to them.

When commenting on the proposed new constitution, which suggests for a shift to an executive presidential system, Erdoğan said: “As Tayyip Erdoğan, I do not want a new system for myself; I have no such concern. I’m saying that ‘let’s build a system that would save this country’s future.’ Why do I say that? Because, I am a mortal being; I’m not here forever. This is our concern here!”

The radio show, which was run by Kral FM, was jointly broadcasted by state run TRT, as well as, by other national and local radio stations.

April 11, 2017


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