Doğan Media Group cancels about 100 journalists’ press insurance

The Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) has announced that press insurances of some journalists who are working at news sites such as,, have been cancelled by the Doğan Media Group. Reacting to this arbitrary move the TGS issued a statement on its website.

Stating that the online editors, who are supposed to be worked under Press Labor Act, are asked by Doğan Media Group to give up their legal rights, TGS said the journalists have been obliged to to sign a document. Defining this move as “unlawful” TGS stated that “it means illegal employment.”

TGS has warned the Doğan Media Group and said in its statement that “We will meet you in courthouses if you don’t change this decision. Media workers are not abandoned. We will take down your law of jungle and eventually establish a humanitarian working order.”

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