Curfew declared in 25 villages of Kulp district of Turkey’s Diyarbakır province

Curfew has been declared in 25 villages and hamlets in Kulp district of Diyarbakır province in southeastern Turkey. Diyarbakır Governorship has announced that the operations carried out in the region would continue.

The curfew will be in effect in as of 5 a.m. on June 15 in following villages and hamlets of Kulp district:Yaylak, Ağıllı, Akdoruk, İslamköy, Dolun, Narlıca, Kaynakköy, Ağaçlı, Aşağı Elmalı, Çağlayan, Karpuzlu, Zeyrek, Güllük, Özbek, Kurudere, Karaağaç, Kamışlı, Çukurca, Demirli, Akbulak, Düzce, Temren, Güleç, Barın, and Taşköprü villages and hamlets. It has not been announced when the curfew would be lifted.

Meanwhile, it was reported by pro-Kurdish news outlets that about 10 thousand soldiers, police and village guards are joining the military operations in an area between Diyarbakır’s Lice, Hani, Hazro, Dicle, Kulp and Kocaköy districts and Bingöl’s Genç district. As the operation continues for more than 15 days now, hundreds of villages in this territory remain under the siege of Turkish security forces.

It was also reported that Turkey’s Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) has blocked the access to Şûjin news website. As a news outlet, which ise practicing out woman based journalism, pro-Kurdish Sujin has announced on its twitter account that it would continue its activities.

Şûjin newspaper founded by women journalists and went online as an internet newspaper on December 2016. All the staff of the newspaper, ranging from the editors and correspondents to the voluntary participators consist of women. The newspaper cover news reports in six languages including the three dialects of Kurdish, Turkish and English.

June 15, 2017

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