Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals judge-rapporteur slammed for sexist legal guide

A judge-rapporteur from Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals has been slammed for sexist remarks in his newly published book, titled “A Public Prosecutor’s Duty to Conduct Effective Investigations,” in which he gives advice on how to avoid seduction by women.

In the book Judge Asım Kaya, who is also a lecturer at the Justice Academy of the Ministry of Justice, which trains future judges and prosecutors, says prosecutors need to be careful when interrogating women because they can “attempt to seduce male prosecutors.” He adds that women will also use “their innocence to deceive their interrogator” and feign fainting, crying or forgetfulness.

Kaya advises the prosecutors to have a female officer present during interrogations so that the woman cannot claim anything unlawful had happened during the interrogation.

Mustafa Yeneroğlu, a lawyer and deputy from the opposition DEVA Party, criticized Kaya on Twitter for his “outdated views” on women.

Kaya responded to the criticism, tweeting that most of the quotes were taken from German law and were not his own thoughts.

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