Seven pro-Kurdish people, including Co-mayors of Doğubayazıt Municipality, arrested

Seven people including Kurdish Co-mayors of Doğubayazıt district of Turkey’s eastern province of Ağrı were arrested on Saturday.

Seven people, including Doğubayazıt Co-mayors Murat Rohat Özbay and Delal Tekdemir, who were detained in police operations in İstanbul and Şanlıurfa on January 23, were referred to a court on the weekend. Following their testimonies, the prosecutor demanded the arrest of the detainees on charges of “aiding and abetting; and spreading propaganda for a terrorist organisation.”

Beside of co-mayors, their deputy Bülent Erişik and the members of the Doğubayazıt Municipal Council Mustafa Ergül, Z. Abidin Kızılay, Halime Keskin and Bora Çoktin were also arrested over the same charges.


Meanwhile, eight Kurdish people were imprisoned in the southern province of Mersin on Sunday. According to the same pro-Kurdish news sources, 13 people had been detained in Mersin 14 days ago. The detainees, including the members of the Peoples’ Union and Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Association, were referred to a Mersin court after procedures at the police directorate in Mersin. Eight of the 13 detainees were arrested over the charges of “membership to a terrorist organization.”

Moreover, a member of the Party Assembly of the Democratic Regions’ Party (DBP) Yunus Durdu was detained in Batman on Saturday night. According to the same sources, dozens of people were also detained or arrested in the provinces of Ankara, Malatya, Ağrı, Adana and Tunceli over similar allegations on Saturday.

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