Germany’s Lammert accuses Erdoğan of perpetrating coup against constitution

Norbert Lammert, the president of Germany’s Bundestag.

Norbert Lammert, the president of Germany’s Bundestag, criticized Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday, saying he had carried out a coup against the constitution by expanding his powers with a recently approved constitutional amendment package which will be put to the people in a referendum on April 16.

Speaking during a press conference in Berlin on Monday, Lammert expressed concern over the amendment package, which significantly expands Erdoğan’s powers and introduces an executive presidency to replace the current parliamentary system of governance.

Underlining that Turkey has recently witnessed two coup attempts, Lammert said a military coup attempt against the democratically elected government was foiled on July 15 of last year.

“However, another counter-coup was carried out by the elected government against its constitution,” he added.

He underlined that the constitutional amendment package only aims to expand Erdoğan’s powers and switch to an executive presidency. ( Feb. 14, 2017

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