Court sentences journalist Coşkun over her report on favoritism for jurists

Journalist Canan Coşkun has been penalized by an Istanbul court to pay a fine in amount of 12,600 TL (3.060 euro) over her report on favoritism that judges and prosecutors benefited to have luxury residents in İstanbul at a very special discount rate.

Criticizing the decision, Reporters Without Borders’ Turkey Representative, Erol Önderoğlu tweeted “We are not surprised, because there is no longer a rule of law”.

Following Coşkun’s the related article appeared on Cumhuriyet daily on February 19, 2016 İstanbul Deputy Chief Prosecutor Orhan Kapıcı and prosecutor Orhan Yiğit have sued Coşkun on İstanbul 3rd Penal Court of Peace. Beside of Kapıcı and Yiğit, Judge İslam Çiçek, İstanbul’s former Chief Prosecutor Hadi Salihoğlu, İstanbul Deputy Chief Prosecutors Fuzuli Aydoğdu, İrfan Fidan and İsmail Uçar, İstanbul Prosecutor Mehmet Demir, Küçükçekmece Chief Prosecutor Ali Doğan and İstanbul Anadolu Chief Prosecutor Fehmi Tosun have been also among the complainees.

The prosecutor had demanded 23 years and 4 months in prison for Coşkun.

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