At least 261 women killed by men in Turkey last year

According to data compiled by from Turkish media, at least 261 women were killed, 75 women were raped, 119 women were harassed, 417 girls were sexually abused, 348 women were wounded by male violence in Turkey last year.

In addition to at least 261 femicides, has determined 66 additional killings of women. The perpetrators of the 31 femicides in 2016 have yet to be found, two of these victims were trans women. Also, 14 women were found dead under suspicious circumstances. Three of them were trans women, either. 10 percent of these women came from Syria, with another 10 percent from countries like Georgia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

17 women committed or allegedly committed suicide as a result of sexual abuse, violence, harassment, and/or rape. Also, nine women killed those men who inflicted violence on them. Eight women killed the harassers or rapists who attacked them. 75 percent of these killed male attackers were the women’s relatives, partners or ex-partners. Moreover, 24 men were killed in crimes related to the 261 murders of women in 2016.

One out of four women were killed by men whose proposal to recommence a romantic relationship have been denied.

General excuses that men cited as pretext for their violence against women include: women being unwilling to show phone messages or give phone passwords; quarrels about child care; being harassed by a stranger; resisting rape; as well as one woman receiving a text message from a man telling her husband he was “not fit to be a husband”.

Six percent of the victims were killed despite protection orders. 9 percent of the victims were killed despite demanding (and not receiving) protection orders against their husbands who were inflicting violence or were killed right after a protection order had expired.

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