Turkish prosecutor charges 120 people in Gezi Park investigation: report

2013 Gezi Park demonstrations

Turkish prosecutors filed criminal charges for at least 120 people and have launched investigations into more than 600 suspects for their participation in the 2013 Gezi Park protests, the Hürriyet daily reported on Tuesday.

According to the report six indictments have been filed arising from probes concerning the Gezi protests.

In one of the indictments the prosecutor accused the suspects of attending an illegal demonstration and resisting the police.

The Gezi Park protests were started by a group of environmentalists protesting against the destruction of the park to resurrect a historic building and erect a shopping mall in the area.

After police used excessive force against the protestors, thousands of people gathered in Taksim Square, where Gezi Park is located, and turned the demonstration into a massive protest against the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The protests became international news exhibiting the authoritarian tendencies of then-Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who recently accused American-Hungarian businessman and philanthropist George Soros of funding the protests.

Turkish businessman and activist Osman Kavala has been under pre-trial detention for more than a year due to his alleged role in the Gezi Park protests.


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