Turkish court blocks @TurkeyPurge twitter account for the third time

An Ankara court has ruled to block access to turkeypurge.com and @TurkeyPurge twitter account  for the third time in 6 months without issuing prior notification, citing “legal consideration” of a law regarding crimes committed through social media.

According to a notification sent by Twitter to Turkey Purge’s official e-mail address on March 27, after technical analysis and legal consideration based on Law No. 5651, Ankara Gölbaşı Criminal Court blocked access to @TurkeyPurge with a decision decision No. 34403158-421.99-E17987 on March 22.

Turkey Purge composed of small group of young journalists who are trying to be the voice for Turkish people who suffer under an oppressive regime.

The website have previously been banned two times by different court in Ankara on Aug. 6, 2016 and On Jan 13, 2017.

However, TurkeyPurge is not the only victim of the Turkish government. The same court banned access to more than 80 twitter accounts, most of which report on government purges and torture in prisons and detention centers following a failed coup attempt last July.

April 3, 2017

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