Turkey to persecute journalists over naked detention pictures of PKK suspects

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office in Turkey’s Muğla province has launched an investigation into those who photographed a detention procedure that included stripping suspected militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) naked, according to the Diken news portal.

Seven people were stripped naked with their hands tied on their back before they were detained as part of an investigation into the PKK in Turkey’s resort province of Muğla on October 4.

Gendarmerie stopped a car in a rural area upon a complaint that three people suspected of PKK links would carry out terrorist attack on multiple locations in Muğla. The suspects were stripped off their clothes on suspicion that they were carrying explosives and guns.

It had come out that the the people detained and strip-searched by Turkish security forces in Muğla are brothers and cousins. The Security Directorate of Muğla had called the families and informed them of the detention of seven people who have been identified as Ekrem Altay, Veysi Şengil, İsmail Bozdağ, Velat Asan, Mehmet Can Yiğiner, Mustafa Yiğiner and Adnan Yiğiner.

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