Turkey sees at least 182 deaths from workplace accidents in October

Turkey has seen at least 182 deaths from workplace accidents on October and thus the death toll has reached 1,683 for the first ten months of 2017, according to data compiled by the Occupational Health and Safety Council (İSİG) which was released on Monday.

According to the data given by İSİG, 151 of these 182 workers were employees with the statute of laborer or public servants, 21 others are farmers/small-scale landowners and 31 are self-employed including 10 traders.

Most of the professional homicides took place in construction sector (46) followed by agricultural and forestry sector (37), transportation sector (16) and mining sector (12). The most common cause of homicides was collapse/service accident (50) followed by falling from high (34), traffic accident (31), heart attack/stroke (18) and electric shock (11).

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