Survey shows Armenians, Jews most targeted groups in Turkish media

A new report on hate speech in the Turkish media has found that Armenians, Jews and Greeks were the most frequently targeted with hate speech in the Turkish media, according to a report by Jewish community newspaper Şalom.

The Hrant Dink Foundation identified 2,265 articles containing hate speech published in the Turkish media between January and April 2018, including 105 pieces targeting more than one group. In total, there were articles targeting 76 different groups, with 671 targeting Armenians and 427 targeting Jews. The next most targeted were Greeks, Syrians, Anatolian Greeks and Christians.

One hundred thirty-nine articles targeted Westerners in general, while 137 specifically targeted Britons, 65 Russians, 63 French and 61 Americans.

The most hate speech was published in the pro-government Islamist Yeni Akit newspaper, followed by the critical Islamist Milli Gazete daily and the opposition nationalist Yeniçağ. (SCF with Ahval)

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