Kurdish political activist in Turkey faces deportation to Iran

Kurdish political activist Amir Kahrizi

Kurdish political activist Amir Kahrizi is facing deportation to Iran despite being entitled to protection as a refugee, according to international obligations, Turkish Minute reported on Friday, citing the Sur Ajans news website.

Kahrizi was arrested in Greece on May 7 for entering Europe as a refugee and handed over to authorities in Turkey, where he is at risk of being deported to Iran. He is currently being held at the Ağrı Deportation Center.

His wife, Shahla Chorke, who currently lives in Sweden, is calling on Turkish authorities and international organizations to immediately halt the order for his deportation.

According to Chorke, Kahrizi had been prosecuted for political reasons 10 years ago, had to leave Iran and go to the Kurdish regional government to continue his journalism activities.

“Amir and I have a daughter. My daughter and I have been living in Sweden for almost three years. Amir’s intention was to reach us in Sweden, but unfortunately, he is currently facing the risk of deportation to Iran,” Chorke told Sur Ajans.

In her response to the question of what would happen to her husband if he were deported to Iran, Chorke said there is no justice in Iran’s legal system and that being a member of an anti-Islamic Republic organization and being active in media associated with such an organization is enough to be considered a criminal in Iran.

Chorke noted that Kahrizi is a well-known figure in the Islamic Republic due to his organizational activities within the Komala Party, journalistic work and activities at Swedish TV channel ASO Sat.

Meanwhile, the International Federation of Iranian Refugees wrote a letter regarding Turkey’s decision to deport Kahrizi and sent it to the Presidency of Migration Management, the Interior Ministry, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Amnesty International, requesting the immediate cessation of the deportation and seeking international support for him as a refugee in accordance with the obligations of the Geneva Convention.

“Do the Presidency of Migration Management and Turkish authorities want to send Amir Kahrizi to Iran for him to face torture in prison or to share the same fate with others facing the death penalty? … Do Turkish government officials not hear the news of consecutive executions of political and religious prisoners in Iran?” they said in the letter.

Abdullah Asadi, executive director of the federation, said the Turkish government still hasn’t responded to the letter written by the federation.

He also pointed out that despite the Turkish government deporting 37,000 refugees this year, they have not observed any protests from the media or relevant institutions since the public is currently silent on the issue.

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