İSİG: At least 2,006 workers lost their lives at workplaces across Turkey in 2017

At least 2,006 workers lost their lives at their workplaces across Turkey in 2017, according to a report released by the Laborer Health and Occupational Safety Assembly (İSİG) on Friday.

Bianet reported that according to İSİG data 20,500 workers lost their lives in Turkey in last 15 years during the rule of Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) under the leadership of Turkish autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

According to the İSİG report, the distribution by 2,006 workers’ causes of death, gender, age groups and cities are as follows: The workers, who lost their lives, have included 116 women and 1,890 men; 60 children 18 of whom were under 15 years old; 88 refugee or asylum seeker who are predominantly Syrians.

230 workers lost their lives in İstanbul, 93 in İzmir, 88 in Bursa, 77 in Antalya, 72 in Konya, 71 in Kocaeli, 67 in Ankara, 65 in Manisa, 62 in Adana, 52 in Denizli provinces.

453 of the workers, who lost their lives, were working in the field of construction; 272 in logistics; 154 in commerce/bureau; 116 in metal industry; 93 in mining sector; 89 worked in municipalities and 65 in energy sector.

As the cause of deaths, 446 of them lost their lives as a result of traffic/shuttle accidents; 347 of them because of smashing/wreckage; 317 of them because of falling from high; 183 of them because of heart stroke/cerebral hemorrhage; 164 of them because of violence and 135 of them because of electric shock.

Meanwhile, according to a statement made by The Confederation of Revolutionary Worker’s Unions (DİSK) on Friday there are 2 million child workers in Turkey, despite the official statistics show the figure as 800,000.

While Turkish Ministry of Labour has stated that 127 workplace deaths of children have occurred in Turkey between 2002 and 2014, but DİSK said data collected by İSİG counts about 300 children deaths in the last five years only.

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