Hundreds of Dutch vacationers cancel trips to Turkey over row

The ongoing political spat between the Netherlands and Turkey resulted in hundreds of Dutch travelers rebooking their vacations to another destination, Arjan Kers, CEO of travel agency TUI Nederland, said to BNR.

“There are now several hundred, most of which found an alternate in Greece or Spain”, Kers said, but added that “because a few hundred thousand Dutch annually go to Turkey on holiday, these numbers are not too bad.”

Turkey’s tourism had a bad year in 2016 due to multiple terrorist attacks in the country. “Then the number of holidaymakers to that country decreased by 20 percent”, Kers said. “So far we are already running 10 percent ahead over last year and the big boom on bookings is still to come.”

Tour operator Thomas Cook also reported that dozens of travelers rebooked their holiday. The operator stressed that this is not necessary. “As long as Erdoğan stays at words, you can simply go there,” a spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

Travel advice of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Turkey also does not advise against visiting the country. But travelers to Turkey are warned to keep away from gatherings and public spaces. ( March 18, 2017


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