Guards mistreat inmate in Turkish prison, video shows

A video recording of an inmate being mistreated in southern Turkey’s Adana E-Type Prison was recently made public, sparking outrage among human rights advocates, the Mezopotamya News Agency (MA) reported.

Şehmuz Emen was apparently stripped down to his underwear and dragged into a one-person cell in February by guards after asking if his petition to see a hospital doctor had been accepted.

Emen filed a complaint with the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and was transferred to a different prison in the same city. The prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into guards Caner Güney, Halit Arıkan, Çağatay Şimşek, Hasan Gökçe, Hidayet Cankurt, Reşit Deprem and Yücel Moralı, for abuse of power and inflicting bodily harm.

The first hearing will take place on September 28, 2022.

Emen’s lawyer, Mehmet Nuri Toprak, said his client had been mistreated after asking if he would be able to see the doctor. “My client only wanted to go to a hospital, after which he was stripped down to his underwear and thrown into a one-person cell,” he said. “We have video recordings from security cameras of the incident and have filed complaints against the guards.”

Ill-treatment and torture have become widespread and systematic in Turkish detention centers and prisons. Lack of condemnation from higher officials and a readiness to cover up allegations rather than investigate them have resulted in widespread impunity for the security forces.

According to a recent report by the Turkish Human Rights Foundation (TİHV) a record number of people complained about police mistreatment in 2021, with 914 people appealing to the foundation.

An annual report by Amnesty International on the state of human rights in the world revealed that serious and credible allegations of torture and other ill-treatment were made in Turkey last year.

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