Ex-Yemeni minister’s son under house arrest for involvement in İstanbul accident

Musaeed Ahmed Musaeed Hussein, the son of former Yemeni Minister for Expatriate Affairs Ahmed Musaed Hussein who was involved in a car accident in İstanbul in which an elderly woman was severely injured, has been put under house arrest, Turkish Minute reported on Tuesday, citing the Demirören News Agency (DHA).

Hussein, who was in Turkey for medical treatment, was in the car when his 27-year-old son, Musaeed Ahmed Musaeed Hussein, hit two people trying to cross a narrow street in Beyoğlu.

One of them, Pakize Özer, 72, fell to the ground due to the impact and hit her head on the curb. A police report found the woman, who is in intensive care at an İstanbul hospital, to be at fault.

After police questioning and referral to court, the driver was released but prohibited from leaving the country.

According to DHA, house arrest was imposed on the suspect as part of the ongoing investigation.

The driver’s lawyer, Kerim Bahadır Şeker, said they were “saddened” by the accident, referring to it as “an unfortunate incident that could happen to anyone.”

Şeker added that it wasn’t possible to understand the logic or reason behind the decision for house arrest.

The incident comes after Turkish motorcycle courier Yunus Emre Göçer, 38, was killed on Nov. 30 in a traffic accident caused by Mohamed Hassan Sheik Mohamud, a son of the Somali president Hasan Sheikh Mohamud, who was driving a vehicle registered to the Somali Consulate in the Fatih district.

Mohamud was taken into police custody following the incident but was released after giving a statement, which received significant backlash, following which a travel ban was imposed on him days after the accident.

The collision resulted in severe injuries to Göçer, ultimately leading to his passing six days later, on Dec. 6, at İstanbul Teaching and Research Hospital.

An expert report found the car’s driver to be primarily at fault, prompting the İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to issue an arrest warrant for him. However, it turned out that Mohamud had already fled Turkey on Dec. 2.

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