Erdoğan’s most favorite columnist: Vatican uses ‘evicted jinns in intelligence services’

Abdurrahman Dilipak, a columnist writing for the staunchly pro-government Yeni Akit daily

Radical Islamist Yeni Akit daily’s columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak, who is knwon as one of the most favorite columnist of Turkey’s autocratic President and Justice and Development Party (AKP) Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has claimed in his article on Friday that “Vatican employs demons it evicts and uses them in intelligence services.”

Titling his article as ‘Exorcism and Demonism’, Dilipak has asserted that “Exorcism and demonism are two scientific branches studied as part of the theological studies of Catholicism,” and claimed that “the relevant regulations and the rules, which are abided by Vatican and by all Catholic churches, are also valid for their diplomatic missions.”

“Yes, yes, exorcism takes place in churches! And, the evicted jinns are judged, punished, jailed, or taken under the command of the church. Meaning, they make an agreement (with the jinns) and hire them! It is also said that they use them in intelligence services or in haunting others,” wrote Erdoğan’s radical Islamist columnist.

Comparing Vatican with the Gülen movement, lunatic columnist Dilipak wrote in his article that “It is also thought that members of FETÖ (a deragatory term used by Erdoğanists to define the Gülen movement) are also working hard in similar practices.”

Claiming that today an esoretical warfare are being experienced, Dilipak has continued his strange claims as follow: “The appointed Mahdi and Messiah are waiting for orders. There are scientists and genetic engineers who are trying to generate Gog and Magog in their laboratories. According to some, the ‘doomsday box’ of Prophet Salamon was also opened. You know, Messiah has already come and the Mahdi too. Whatever the reason, not only FETÖ (he means Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen), but also Evrenesoğlu is also in America. Kesdizanis, Ahmadis and Tahir-ül Qadri are all authorized by the US and the West. Those excorcits and demonogs are working well, it is understood that they are working overtime.

Another lunatic figure, AKP’s Ankara mayor Melih Gökçek had also claimed previously that Fethullah Gülen has a special method where he uses ‘jinns’ – a magical spirit believed to be appearing in human or animal form to take control of the possessed.

During an live interview on July 2016 which was hosted by CNN Türk TV channel’s Hakan Çelik, Gökçek had claimed that Gülen takes control of people and made further comments, even appalling the program host, as well. He had said Gülen uses ‘the three-lettered ones’, referring to the Turkish word ‘jin’.

The dialogue had gone as following:

Gökçek: This will sound very funny to you but he (Gülen) does this through a very interesting method.

Host: What is that method?

Gökçek: The three-lettered ones.

Çelik: What do you mean?

Gökçek: Now, let everybody talk about this a little.

Çelik: Give some more clues, please. Those who do not know much about these kinds of things may not understand.

Gökçek: He does it through the three-lettered ones! He possesses people!

Çelik: The jinns? Are you talking about jinns?!

Gökçek: Yes, yes.

Çelik: But, this…

Gökçek: Possible!

Çelik: But…Can this, what you’re saying, have a scientific ground?

Gökçek: Of course, how could it not? Look around you; you would see that some people, especially at certain times regarding certain situations, are possessed. Then, they get saved… It’s obvious…

Çelik: So, has he got such great skill?

Gökçek: Yes, he has!

Çelik: …

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