The door of Alevi family marked with nationalist/Islamist phrases in İstanbul

The symbol of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) which is an ally for Turkish autocratic Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was drawn at the door of an Alevi family and a red cross was marked on it in Bahçelievler district of İstanbul province. “Get out, heathen” and “Islam” was written at the door. A similar incident took place last week in Malatya province.

According to a report by the Mezopotamya news agency , the door of an Alevi family residing in the Kocasinan neighborhood of Istanbul’s Bahçelievler district was marked with symbols and letters. Beside of the MHP’s “Three Crescent” symbols and cross sign were marked at the door of the house, the words “Get out, heathen” and “Islam” were written.

The marking incident, which was possible made Thursday night, was noticed by the family in the early morning on Friday. The family, who does not want to give a name for security reasons, is anxious.

A year ago, the family had removed the term of “Islam” from the religion section of their identities. And a couple of months ago, when the family went to a police station to complaint after they have got robbed they gave their identities. It was claimed that when police returned the identities, they realized that police officer filled the religion section, which was supposed to be blank, as “Islam” with a ball pen in their identities.

A similar incident happened on 22 November in Malatya province. In Gökalp and Mercan streets of Cemal Gürsel Neighborhood where Alevi citizens lived, doors of 13 houses were marked with red crosses.

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