Decorated commander of Turkey’s elite Maroon Berets, nominated for a senior UN post, brutally tortured

Colonel Murat Korkmaz deployed to provide security for the headquarters of the General Staff, but later accused of coup plotting without any evidence and tortured brutally in detention.

A former commander of the Turkish Special Forces, nominated for a UN post as a senior security officer, revealed in a petition to the Constitutional Court of Turkey the details of brutal torture and abuse he was subjected to at the Ankara Police Department following his detention on July 16, 2016.

Col. Murat Korkmaz, the 45-year-old commander of the 26th battalion of the Turkish Special Forces (aka the Maroon Berets) and a highly decorated officer, was selected to serve as a military attaché in Macedonia for the upcoming period in 2017 and 2018. His commanders also recommended him for the UN post of senior security coordination officer given his Ph.D. and valuable field experience in Turkey and abroad in special operations. However, his brilliant career was abruptly disrupted when he was lured into a false flag coup attempt in 2016 under the pretense of securing military headquarters against a terrorist attack.

Murat Korkmaz’s petition to the Constitutional Court that detailed torture and ill-treatment in a detention center in Turkey: READ MORE…



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