Curfew imposed on three districts in Mardin province

People walk by the bombed buildings after the months long curfew in Turkey’s southeastern province of Şırnak.

The Mardin Governor’s Office on Sunday declared a curfew in three districts of the province as part of fight against terrorism.

A statement released by the governor’s office said that a curfew will be in effect in nine neighborhoods of Nusaybin, Ömerli and Artuklu districts as there will be operations to seize materials used by Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorists.

Security forces will locate and destroy explosive devices planted by the PKK terrorist group in the villages in Nusaybin, Omerli and Artuklu districts during the curfew. The statement did not say when the curfew would end, mentioning it would last until further notice.

Following the breakdown of a cease-fire in July 2015 between the PKK and the Turkish authorities, clashes broke out between people affiliated with the PKK and Turkish security forces. In response to declarations of “self-governance,” the building of barricades and digging of trenches in many southeastern towns, authorities began imposing 24-hour curfews and carrying out heavily militarized security operations in the region. ( Feb. 12, 2017

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