Main Opposition CHP’s Party Council Member Kadıgil released by court

Sera Kadıgil, a member of the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Party Council has been released by 6t Penal Court of Peace in İstanbul, but the court has imposed a legal probation for Kadıgil.

Kadıgil was accused of insulting the government because of her messages on Twitter, which are critical of the government. Kadıgil was detained at the İstanbul Courthouse on Tuesday morning where she went to testify to a prosecutor as part of another investigation launched against her.

CHP deputy Barış Yarkadaş made a statement concerning Kadıgil’s detention from his Twitter account on Tuesday. “The prosecutor who gave the detention order [for Kadıgil] is several floors away. Yet, the prosecutor insists on her detention. Since Sera is also a lawyer, a permission is needed from the Justice Ministry [to detain her]. Did the prosecutor get this permission? Or, does he think, ‘there is no need for a permission, the pro-government media’s targeting [Kadıgil] is sufficient for a detention?’” wrote Yarkadaş.

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