Amnesty poll shows 82 percent of Turks believe human rights are under attack

More than 82 percent of the Turkish public thinks that people’s rights and freedoms are being violated, according to a poll conducted by MetroPoll at the request of Amnesty International’s Turkey office.

Forty-two percent on average believe fundamental rights are frequently violated, increasing to 72 percent among the younger generation.

The survey indicates that only 37.3 percent say Turkish citizens can exercise their rights equally, while 54.4 percent disagree.

The opinion poll was conducted in 28 provinces on 2,651 people, according to an Amnesty statement.

The restrictions of fundamental rights are primarily caused by the lack of necessary regulations, according to 37.5 percent of respondents.

The poll found that 43.8 percent of participants are afraid to express their ideas in public, while 43.4 percent self-censor on social media.

More than 52 percent, meanwhile, say people cannot express their opinions freely.

They survey shows 71.9 percent of respondents have never attended a protest or demonstration to support the rights of other individuals or groups, while 77.8 percent say they did not participate in a civil society activity last year.

Many international observers believe Turkey has been experiencing a regression in human rights issues, particularly in freedom of expression. (

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