Abducted teacher’s wife to Afghan gov’t: Where are you? Are you asleep?

Farzana Wardak

Farzana Wardak, the wife of Masood Wardak who is the only Afghan teacher among five people who were abducted by Afghan intelligence service National Directorate of Security (NDS) on Tuesday morning, has reacted to the Afghan government by saying that “What kind of government it is. Please get to our problems, where are you? Are you asleep? We don’t have any information about them yet. I am asking directly the government, where are they? Is the government asleep yet?”

Frazana Wardak, who is also working as a teacher for a girl school affiliated with Afghan-Turk Çağ Educational Foundation (ATCE), has given an interview to Qatra TV. Farzana Wardak has told the story of teachers’ abduction as follow:

“My husband got out of home for the job Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m, and after that I didn’t get any news from him. At 8:00 am they called me and told me to call my husband and ask where he is. I tried to call him many times but wasn’t able to reach him. Then we got informed that there was no sign of him around.

“I had 6 lessons today, for gods sake I didn’t even realize how I entered classes and got out. What kind of government it is. Please get to our problems. Where are you? Are you asleep? We don’t have any information about them yet. I am asking directly the government, where are they? Is the government asleep yet? Everyone is coming without any proof, and any legal documents searching each corner of the school. With what rights do they perform such actions? Are these your private tools?

“I entered 6 lessons and didn’t know what I taught the students and what the students learned from me today. They came at night and scared every single girl. Where is this government? And why they don’t know it?

“All of the students got to the first floor for finding out what has happened? (They wonder) why are the teachers here since the morning and why didn’t they get to home. We are being emotionally tortured since the morning and no one care about us.”

The vehicle of Turkish teachers Önder Akkuşci, Yunus Demirci, Yılmaz Aytan and an Afghan based teacher Masso0d Wardak, who came out of their homes to go to the school on Tuesday morning, were stopped on the street. The teachers, who were surrounded by the NDS, were detained and taken to a building belonging to the NDS.

It was also reported that Yılmaz Aytan and Massood Wardak were members of the Board of Directors in the Afghan-Turkish Çağ Educational NGO (ATCE) owning all the Turkish Schools.

At the same time, the vehicle of Turkish businessman Sami Yavuz, who came out of his home to go to his restaurant in Kabul, was also stopped and surrounded by NDS officials. Yavuz was detained and taken to the same place as the other four educators.

The ATCE officials, who had been informed 2 hours after the abduction, called the Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry in order to get information. Ministry officials said that “The incident has no relations with us. The intelligence is the responsible for that.”

In the evening of the same day, the girls’ high school affiliated to the Çağ Schools in Kabul was raided by NDS. Intelligence officers, who wanted to detain the teacher Fatih Çakmakçı, asked to search the girl’s dormitory. This initiative caused harsh reaction of the students and parents. The Parents’ Committee showed a strict resistance with its 24 members.

According to the information received by Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF), it is accepted as an unforgivable attempt in Afghan culture to raid the school building where girls’ dorm also located in the same campus at midnight.

The parents who flocked to the school and did not deliver the teacher to the intelligence officers who came for detention, and took him under their protection. The NDS staff had to leave the building without making any detention. These moments were also broadcast by the Afghan media.

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