36 women in Turkey murdered in April: report

A report released by the Stop the Murder of Women Platform shows that 36 women in Turkey were murdered in April.

According to the report the deaths of eight out of the 36 women were recorded by law enforcement as “suspicious,” while the motive behind the murders of five could not be determined.

Without proper punishment of perpetrators and an understanding of the motives, domestic violence against women continues in various forms, the platform said.

The perpetrators of the murder of eight out of the 36 women are unknown, while 11 were killed by their husbands, six by partners, one by a son, four by relatives, two by ex-husbands, one by an ex-lover and three by older brothers.

Women’s rights organizations have for years been trying to raise awareness about the increase in violence against women that has taken place in the last decade. (SCF with turkishminute.com)

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