23 women killed by men across Turkey in September

Twenty-three women were killed by men across Turkey in September, according to a report by online news outlet Bianet, which compiled data from local and national newspapers, news sites and news agencies.

According to the report, men killed at least 23 women and two girls in September. Twenty-two percent of the women were killed for seeking a divorce and 22 percent of the murders occurred in public places.

The report also showed that men raped four women; forced 24 women into sex work; harassed 22 women; sexually abused 19 girls; and inflicted violence on 36 women across Turkey in September.

The Bianet’s “Male Violence Monitoring Report” only covers women who lost their lives as a result of violence perpetrated by men. They do not include any violence cases or crimes that are not gender-based.

Other than these murders, the perpetrator of the murder of a woman who is a citizen of Georgia is yet to be found, and another woman was found dead in suspicious circumstances in Antalya. It was determined that the murderer of Moldovan Tatiana A., who was killed in İstanbul in February, was the son of her friend.

Men killed at least 183 women and 10 children in Turkey, raped 50 women, harassed 162 women, forced 375 women into sex work, sexually abused 279 girls and injured 316 women to date in 2018.

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