Turkish gov’t: Be cautious against probable terrorist attacks by ISIL militants who acquitted by courts

Turkish Justice Ministry has reportedly sent a “confidential” notice to the state institutions regarding possible attacks of the militants of the terror organisation Islamic State in Iraq and the Levants (ISIL) who were acquitted by the courts recently.

According to a report by online news portal Gazete Yolculuk, the positive discrimination applied by the Turkish government under the leadership of autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the ISIL militants through the judiciary and security bureaucracy has been exposed.

The report has documented that the Deputy Undersecretary of Turkish Justice Ministry sent a “confidential” notice to the state institutions regarding possible attacks of ISIL militants who were released from Turkish prisons recently.

It was reported that the notice, that was signed by Deputy Undersecretary Ömer Faruk Aydıner, was sent to the Judicial Justice Commission, Chief Prosecutors’ Offices and the Security Directorates and the Gendarmerie Command.

The notice reportedly consists a warning that the militants of the ISIL, who had been imprisoned in Gaziantep province, were being involved in active organization activity after being released. The notice is interpreted as the official registration and confession that high-level ISIL militants have been released.

The confidential notice stated that “Muhammet Cengiz Dayan code-named Gülen Adam; Nihat Turan code named Jewel, so-called emir of Diyarbakır; and Mustafa Engin, who are among the high-level ISIL militants in Gaziantep,  have been released from the prison. We submitted for your information that these people are actively participating in the organisational activities following their releases and taking into consideration the activities of  ‘alone wolves’ it would be beneficial to take the necessary precautions against the threats that may arise from these and similar militants of the ISIL.”

Aydıner wrote in an email on November 29, 2017 that “I would like you to show sensitivity and be in touch with the relevant security units to take necessary precautions, to inform the public prosecutors and to notify the courts in terms of their information.”

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