Turkish anti-terror police raids music band Grup Yorum’s studio in İstanbul

İstanbul’s anti-terror police teams have raided İdil Cultural Center where music group “Grup Yorum” carries out its musical works and detained nine people. Properties and instruments have been damaged during the police raid and search.

Grup Yorum has announced that Sultan Gökçek, Özgür Gültekin, Fırat Kıl, Dilan Poyraz, Dilan Ekin, Musa Kurt, Umut Şener, Bergün Varan and Alişan Gül were detained by İstanbul anti-terror police during the raid against the İdil Cultural Center.

In their statement on the raid, Grup Yorum has reminded that the center was raided six months ago too. The music group has stated that “İdil Cultural Center where we carry out our musical works was raided by police six months ago ‘to find criminal and offensive weapons.’ Not being able to find an ‘offensive weapon,” the police had seized a hammer. All members of Grup Yorum members and construction workers were detained in that raid as well. The Seven musicians and one construction worker detained were then arrested and they were released after 3.5 months”

Grup Yorum also said that “And today, they broke doors and windows of our cultural center. They again detained everyone they encountered, again came to find an ‘offensive weapon’, vandalized our properties and instruments”.

The detainees were taken to İstanbul Security Directorate.

May 30, 2017

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