Turkey’s MİT to designate AKP management, says pro-gov’t columnist

The management of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is to be determined by The National Intelligence Organization (MİT), claimed Dilek Güngör, a columnist writing for the staunchly pro-Erdoğan daily Sabah newspaper, in her column on Saturday.

Güngör, who referred to her resources for information in Ankara, argued that especially provincial and district organizations of AKP are most likely to experience a major reshuffle based on the intelligence received from MİT.

“You know that when he headed the party President [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan asked the ministers in his cabinet to submit a report in 180 days indicating their performance. These were submitted to him. According to rumors, President will make an evaluation based on these reports. The ministers with lower grades might have to leave. But it is also said that not a major reshuffle is expected in the cabinet except four-five names,” said Güngör.

“The major reshuffle is expected in organizations. Because I heard that many agencies including National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) were assigned to scrutinize provincial and district organizations and local managements. This means not only the public perception and the failure and success reports but also the corruption reports of people in the local management will be presented to Erdoğan,” added Güngör.

Erdoğan implied a reshuffle in the party after April 16 constitutional referendum. According to Güngör, Erdoğan asked for a detailed scrutiny and is waiting the outcome of the reports before he starts with the revision in the cabinet and organizations. (turkishminute.com) July 9, 2017

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