Right to fair trial still most frequently violated right in Turkey: top court

Turkey's Constitutional Court

The right to a fair trial is still the most frequently violated right in Turkey, Turkish Minute reported, citing the updated statistics announced by the Constitutional Court on Tuesday.

The Constitutional Court published the Individual Application Statistics for the September 23, 2012-September 30, 2021 period on its website on Tuesday. The statistics are updated quarterly.

The right to file an individual application with the Constitutional Court was introduced in 2012.

The court received 335,324 individual applications during the period in question and has announced its decision on 276,307 of them.

The court found 246,752 applications inadmissible, corresponding to 89.3 percent of its decisions, while announcing violations in 15,193 cases.

The right to a fair trial was the most frequently violated right with 9,495 cases.

The right to a fair trial was followed by the right to own property with 2,909 violations and freedom of speech with 640 violations.

The court received the highest number of individual applications — 80,756 — in 2016 following a coup attempt. The highest number of rights violations was announced in 2020, with the court finding at least one violation in each of 5,658 applications.

There are currently 59,017 pending applications at the Constitutional Court, corresponding to 17.6 percent of all applications.

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