Germany investigates police officer accused of spying for Turkey’s Erdoğan regime

A Berlin policeman has been investigated for providing intelligence to Turkish authorities about Turkish nationals living in Germany, according to a report by the Der Tagesspiegel newspaper on Thursday.

Turkey’s notorious National Intelligence Organization (MİT) has been trying to recruit public servants in Germany, the newspaper reported, and added that the police officer under investigation had provided information to Turkish authorities on members of the Turkish opposition living in Germany.

German authorities did not respond to questions about the investigation, although Andreas Geisel, a German politician from the Social Democratic Party of Germany and Berlin’s state interior minister, confirmed the investigation but did not want to comment on the details, Der Tagesspiegel said.

Germany, hosting the largest Turkish population in Europe, is also home to many followers of the Gülen movement as well as Kurdish and Turkish dissidents with different political affiliations.

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