Elderly woman subjected to police violence during protest in Ankara

Perihan Pulat, 75, sustained several injuries after police used excessive force to disperse protestors in Ankara’s Yüksel Street on May 1.

Several public servants, Acun Karadağ, Nazan Bozkurt and Gülnaz Bozkurt, who were removed from their jobs by government decrees, have been staging a protest in Yüksel Street for 540 days asking for reinstatement to their jobs.

The Turkish government has removed more than 150,000 people from their jobs by government decrees since a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016. The government issues the controversial decrees under a state of emergency that was declared in the aftermath of the coup and is still in effect.

Police used pepper gas and TOMA anti-riot vehicles against the protestors who were in Yüksel Street on May Day and chanting “Long live May Day, from Yüksel to Taksim,” “We want our work back” and “Long live the Yüksel resistance.”

Pulat had facial swelling and bruises while Bozkurt had some of her hair ripped out due to the police intervention.

Six people including the three protestors were detained by the police. (turkishminute.com)

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