Deutsche Welle: German halls refuse to reserve hall for Erdoğan speech

German halls refuse to reservations for a speech by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who plans to address Turks in Germany following G20 summit in Germany on July 7-8, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported.

According to a story in DW Turkish on Wednesday, Westfallenhalle hall in Dortmund and König-Pilsner-Arena in Oberhausen rejected to book for a program, that will be attended by Erdoğan on July 9, due to different reasons.

Westfallenhalle press relations office told DW that the hall rejected booking due to unavailability, however refused to comment on who wanted to make the booking.

König-Pilsner-Arena also said that the hall is not available due to summer renovations.

Turkish Embassy in Germany also commented on the issue to German DPA news agency saying they have no information about the bookings.

German Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that Turkey did not make any request for arranging a hall for Erdoğan to speak, DW reported.

Turkey’s relations with various European countries have recently become strained due to the cancellation of rallies planned to be held by Turkish ministers in order to seek the support of Turkish expatriates for April 16 referendum that expanded Erdoğan’s powers.

During a rally on March 6, Erdoğan said during a rally in Turkey that he will go to Germany for a referendum rally if he wants to and warned the German government that he would cause the world to rise up if he is not allowed to speak there.

Attacking the German government over the recent cancellation of referendum campaign programs of Turkish ministers in Germany, Erdoğan accused Germany of employing practices similar to those of the Nazi era.

“I thought that Nazism has ended in Germany. But it seems your practices are no different from the Nazi practices of the past,” he said. ( June 22, 2017

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