37 women reported as victims of fatal domestic violence in Turkey in May

A report released by the Stop the Murder of Women Platform shows that 37 women in Turkey were victims of fatal domestic violence in May.

According to the report, while 37 women were murdered last month, abuse against children and sexual violence also continued. “Each day, more than one woman was killed, and no precautions have been taken to prevent the murder of women,” said the report.

The report refuted a statement by Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, who claimed a “39 percent decrease in violence-related deaths of women,” and stressed that daily reports on women’s killings, sexual violence and child abuse reveal the exact opposite.

The report indicated an increase in women’s murders over the previous month, noting that the dimensions of violence and killings has expanded, saying that 13 cases of women’s deaths were suspicious and 12 others were not identified.

Most of the murders in May took place in Bursa (7), Edirne (3) and İstanbul (2), while 17 women were subjected to sexual violence, while 23 children were reported to have been abused in May. “But the real numbers in this regard are actually much higher,” said the report.

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