119,817 irregular migrants deported from Turkey in 2022

The number of irregular migrants deported from Turkey in 2022 increased by 159 percent compared to 2021, reaching 119,817, the highest figure in the country’s history, the Migration Management Directorate General said in a statement.

According to the official data, 274,311 irregular migrants were prevented from entering Turkey in 2022. The number of irregular migrants barred from the country since 2016 has exceeded 2.7 million.

It was noted that a total of 66,534 irregular migrants were sent back to Afghanistan in 2022, while 12,385 irregular migrants were returned to Pakistan.

Compared to 2021, the number of deportations increased by 236 percent for Afghans, 22 percent for Pakistanis and 167 percent for foreigners of other nationalities.

Turkey hosts the world’s largest number of refugees, with 3.7 million from Syria granted temporary protection status, and over 400,000 refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.

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