Suspicious Deaths And Suicides In Turkey – Updated List

(As of January 25, 2019)

There has been an increase in the number of suspicious deaths in Turkey, most in Turkish jails and detention centers where a torture and ill-treatment is being practiced. In most cases, authorities concluded these as suicides without any effective, independent investigation. The suspicious death has also taken place beyond the prison walls amid psychological pressure and threats of imminent imprisonment and torture, sometimes following the release of suspects or just before the detention.

SCF believes the true number of deaths under the extended emergency rule since July 2016 in Turkey is still unknown. Moreover, it remains highly concerned over reports that the government runs secret and unofficial holding centers for some who were abducted with a total disregard to a due process.

SCF has compiled cases of suspicious death and suicides in Turkey in the following list in a searchable database format. It also issued a comprehensive report on their cases in March report, which can be accessed from here (

 NameProfessionDate Of Death
Cause Of DeathDetail
Ferhat DaşSergeant15,07,2016SuicideIt has been claimed that Sgt. Ferhat Daş committed suicide after refusing to obey the order of his commander to open fire on people during the coup attempt. However, serious contradictions emerged after the examination of eyewitness accounts and video footage. The family is hoping that the prosecution's investigation will reveal the truth and exonerate Sgt. Daş.

Spc. Sgt. Ibrahim Donat told police in his interrogation about the night of July 15 that Daş had shouted "We are not traitors" in response to the crowd saying things such as "Aren't you a citizen of this country? This is a coup" and then committed suicide by discharging his own gun under his chin.

Then Donat continued as follows: "After the suicide, we opened the door of the tank, a citizen got our commander from the tank and took him to the hospital in an ambulance. Other citizens took us to the nearby police car there, and we surrendered to the police." This incident, which is recorded similarly in police records, was told very differently in the report of the state-owned Anadolu News Agency. In the news of AA, which obtained the opinion of Kaya Aydın, a relative of Ferhat Daş, the suspicious suicide was explained as follows: “They went out for a military exercise. The commander ordered them to open fire on civilians. He said he couldn't. Then the commander pointed a gun and said, 'I will shoot you.' Then he said, 'I'd rather die by the bullet of my own weapon then die by a bullet from your weapon.' He did not open fire on the civilians, and he shot himself in the head with his own gun."

The details in the camera footage taken that night near Sabiha Gökçen Airport just before his death contradicts these accounts, however. According to the footage, there was a big crowd around Daş, who was standing on top of the tank. Daş is seen talking to these people for a while with his hands up. The crowd with a Turkish flag started to shout "Recep Tayyip Erdoğan" and surrounded Daş. Then the video is interrupted. It is certain that Daş did not use his weapon inside the tank before the crowd circled the tank.

When the body of Sgt. Daş was brought to his hometown of Geben in Kahramanmaraş province for his funeral, no official imam was assigned by the government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs for the burial service. He was buried by the municipality with the help of a bulldozer at midnight on the grounds that he was a “traitor.” The family was traumatized by the experience and faced accusations that “your son was a coup plotter.” Daş, who was declared a hero by the official news agency of the state, was also discharged from the Turkish military although he was already dead. Suspicions surrounding his death have not been cleared up even six months after his death. As he most likely died after the intervention of the crowd, the possibility of a lynching is highly likely. The prosecutor’s investigation into the case is still continuing.
Murat TekinCadet15,07,2016LynchMurat Tekin (21), second-year air force student, was killed on the night of July 15, 2016 when his throat was slit by an angry mob according to an account by his sister which was also backed up by an autopsy report.

Graphic video footage showing a soldier lying on the Bosporus Bridge in a pool of blood was widely circulated on social media in the aftermath of the coup attempt. While many said the soldier’s throat was slit because of his involvement in the coup, pro-government media outlets and social media users either refused to accept the allegation or claimed that the video and accompanying images were from a separate terrorist explosion.

Mehtap Tekin, the grieving sister, told the Çağdaş Ses news platform, claiming that an autopsy on the body of her slain brother proved that her brother was killed with a knife while surrendering to the police.

“We are taking you to the most realistic military exercise that you have ever seen,” commanders at the military school told students, according to Mehtap Tekin.

Tekin had studied at Işıklar Military High School in Bursa for five years and then enrolled in the Air Force Academy in Istanbul last year, his sister said, adding that neither Murat nor his classmates was even aware of the coup attempt until they were in the middle of it.

Mehtap said friends of her brother told her about the night and how they were convinced they should gather on the Bosporus Bridge.

Some students were told that eight suicide bombers had been on the Istanbul streets, and some were told that the president had been arrested, according to Murat’s friends.

“With traumatic lesions and stab wounds detected on his body, the person in question was found to be killed due to pressure on his throat and mechanical asphyxia,” Mehtap quoted the autopsy on her brother as saying.

“I asked one of my doctor friends to help me understand the report more clearly, and she said: “He was battered, stabbed and asphyxiated before he was killed. Someone taped his mouth and someone put pressure on his throat. This is not the kind of trauma that is caused by only one person’,” Mehtap said.

The main opposition Republican Poeples’ Party (CHP) called for an investigation into brutal killing of cadet.
Ragıp Enes KatranCadet15,07,2016LynchA third-year student at the Turkish Air Force Academy was killed on the lynch attempt despite the fact that he was unarmed during the July 15 failed coup attempt. Ragıp Enes Katran was only 21 years old, and was among those students were called by their commanders to participate in ‘military practice’, and hence, brought to the Bosphrous Bridge. After 12 days passed, Katran’s family members found his body to be severely beaten and punished in the İstanbul Forensic Medicine Institute in which the officers in charge did not give them even a coffin for the funeral. His family members took his body to the province of Gaziantep where the funeral was not made. The local authorities told them that ‘four of the family members can be brought to bury his death body.’
Segvan YamanPolitician18,07,2016SuicideThe Democratic Regions Party (DBP) district board member in the Uludere district of southeastern Şırnak province, Segvan Yaman (42), who was being held in the Rize Kalkandere L-Type Prison, reportedly committed suicide on July 18, 2016. Yaman was alleged to have attempted to commit suicide twice before. It was stated that Yaman was sent to Rize from Şırnak with several other detainees in June. Yaman, arrested as part of an investigation into the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella organization that encompasses the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), had been in prison for nine months.

Yaman's elder brother E.Y, who is seeking legal aid from the Human Rights Association (IHD), said: "I do not believe my brother committed suicide. The prison administration called us and said my brother committed suicide. I called him last Tuesday. He said he was fine and comfortable in Rize. Why did he commit suicide? My brother was a person who was constantly arrested, and he sometimes had some problems. But he was not a person to commit suicide. "

Yaman's family filed a complaint with the help of the IHD. Meanwhile, it has been found that there were similar suicide cases previously reported in Rize Kalkandere Prison.
Hasan Hayri AlpBusinessman 19,07,2016Heart AttackHasan Hayri Alp, a prisoner who was jailed in Sincan F-Type Prison as part of probe into the Far-left Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), reportedly died as the result of a heart attack. President of Turkey’s Human Rights Association (IHD) Öztürk Türkdoğan, who held public officials responsible for the death, emphasized that violations of rights in prisons were increasing with the implementation of OHAL.
Hasan YücelLieutenant Colonel20,07,2016SuicideService Battalion Commander Col. Hasan Yücel (42) was one of the officers assigned to General Staff headquarters on July 15. It has been claimed that Yücel committed suicide on July 20, 2016 at 10:30 in his room at the headquarters. It was also claimed that while two friends were present, he pointed his gun to his heart and pulled the trigger.

Journalist Murat Çelik wrote about the suicide of Yücel, claiming that Yücel was sad and regretful for failing to stop the plotters of the coup and kept saying, "I could not prevent it, could not prevent the coup plotters [from carrying out the attempt]," and then he committed suicide after a deep depression. According to opposing claims, Yücel died as a consequence of heavy torture in the interrogation room that was illegally installed at General Staff headquarters. Yücel, who also served in the Special Forces Command, had numerous medals and citations for distinguished service.
Necmi AkmanDistrict Governor20,07,2006SuicideIt has been stated that Manisa-Ahmetli District Governor Necmi Akman, who had also been discharged due to allegations of being a plotter of the coup, had allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with the gun of his security guard, a police officer identified only by the initials A.G.

His case was brought to the attention of the Turkish Parliament when a letter written by Akman was read out loud in the legislature. In his letter to his wife and daughters, Akman used the following expressions: "I am confident of myself. I always stayed loyal to the president, the commander-in-chief, to the government. But now if my existence is a threat to my country, my flag, my commander-in-chief and my government, then my duty as a district governor is to remove this threat." There was no official ceremony for Akman, who is survived by a wife and two children.

After the alleged suicide the prosecution launched an investigation. The fate of the investigation was not disclosed to the public.
Mutlu ÇilDeputy Police Chief20,07,2016SuicideDeputy Commissioner Mutlu Çil was one of 900 police officers who were discharged from Ankara police headquarters immediately after the coup attempt.

Çil was appointed to the Ankara Security Directorate from the intelligence department after major corruption investigations in December 2013 that incriminated President Erdoğan, his family members and his business and political associates.

He was discharged from service on the grounds of "illegal wiretapping" in 2014, and he was held in prison for four months and then tried. Çil, who was appointed to the Altındağ District Security Directorate in 2014, was appointed to the Güdül District Security Directorate after he was released. It has been stated that Commissioner Çil, who was taken into custody for a second time, was suffering from depression and that he committed suicide, saying, "They could not accuse me of being a member of the parallel structure," in the Güdül Governor’s Office building, using his government-issued gun.
Muhammet MertoğluChief Of Police22,07,2016SuicidePolice Chief Muhammet Mertoğlu, who was appointed to the Ulus district of Bartın province after the coup attempt, allegedly committed suicide saying "You suspect me too?" during a search of his room on July 22. Mertoğlu succeeded Police Chief Levent Mustafaoğlu, who was detained on the grounds of being a coup plotter.
Speaking at the funeral, Serhat Tezsever, chief of police in Karabük, made remarkable statements about the death of Mertoğlu, saying: "It was a painful accident" and "We are having hard times, but the stalwart people of this country are at their posts. Our brother commissioner was also an officer assigned there. He was sent there to serve the country, the nation. Unfortunately, he died as a result of a painful accident at the beginning of his service. May God put him in the highest, most eminent position. As a state, we stand by him; he was martyred during his service." The outcome of the prosecution's investigation into this suspicious death is unknown.
Levent ÖnderLieutenant Colonel22,07,2016SuicideThe suicide case of Lt. Col. Levent Önder, who was deputy chief of staff of the 3rd Commando Brigade in southeastern Siirt province, is also shown among the suspicious deaths. Önder was alleged to have suffered from depression because he could not prevent events in Siirt during the coup attempt and committed suicide with his own pistol.

Önder was appointed to replace Col. Alican Erkilitlioğlu, who was arrested for alleged involvement in the coup attempt. The governor of Siirt made the following statement regarding the suspected suicide: "Lieutenant Colonel Önder entered into a depression by not getting over the July 15 coup attempt and the ensuing events. Önder felt inadequate for not being able to prevent the plans of the terrorists. Önder voluntarily gave testimony as a witness to the prosecutor's office and ended his life in the wake of the crisis he experienced."
Halil GökPolice Officer22,07,2016SuicidePolice officer Halil Gök, who worked at the district police department in the town of Akçakoca in northwestern Düzce province, was responsible for monitoring regional traffic. He allegedly committed suicide when he learned that he was going to be discharged after the coup attempt. It has been stated that Gök went to the basement of the Regional Traffic Supervision Station building, held the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. An investigation into the suspicious suicide has been launched.
İsmail ÇakmakLieutenant Colonel23,07,2016SuicideAccording to official records, Lt. Col. Ismail Çakmak, who was arrested on the grounds that he was a coup plotter and put in Silivri Prison, committed suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet in his cell. According to another statement, Çakmak committed suicide by hanging himself in the stairwell of the prison. Çakmak had reportedly been tortured and subjected to strip searches during detention when he refused to admit to the charges against him.

His relatives shared the records of Çakmak’s statement given to police on the night he was taken into custody. Çakmak, who served as battalion commander in the 23rd Motorized Infantry Regiment, stated that he had been sent to the Kartal Bridge together with his contingent on the orders of Regimental Commander Col. Ömer Faruk Köse on July 15, who said “there was an incident.” The testimony of Çakmak is as follows:

"When we came to the Kartal Bridge, there was no citizen gathering. We also warned people coming in that 'there is a notice of an incident.' Subsequently, the regimental commander came along with four lieutenants and one major. He said to me, 'It's a coup d’état. They will inform you. Let's follow the instructions.' I told the regimental commander, 'I am out of that business. I do not accept such an order. I did not enter this business.' I ordered my troops to go back. However, a part of my contingent that could not be transported to the barracks due to a roadblock went to the Maltepe military lodgings and some of them went to Tuzla. I returned to the barracks in a civilian vehicle. When we went to the Kartal Bridge, we took our shields and batons with us, not our weapons. I certainly did not know about an event like a coup. I will never accept those charges. They said, 'There is a disturbance; intervene in it.’ We got back when we learned of their real intentions. I want to be released."
Mustafa TörerBusinessman 28,07,2016Heart AttackMustafa Törer, a furniture maker, was taken into custody within the scope of the investigation into the Hizmet Movement in Iskenderun after the July 15 coup attempt. Törer, 52, who was detained for three days, was formally arrested on July 27, 2016. He reportedly died after a heart attack in İskenderun Prison a day later. As a result of the autopsy carried out by the Adana Council of Forensic Medicine, the cause of death was determined to have been a heart attack. Hatay Governor Ercan Topaca made a different statement about Törer, a prominent figure in the city. Topaca stated that Mustafa Törer died due to a diabetic coma he had lapsed into in prison.Törer was allegedly subjected to ill-treatment and torture while in custody.
Hidayet MeralPolice Officer30,07,2016SuicideHidayet Meral (32), a police officer assigned to the Provincial Police Department in Bartın, allegedly committed suicide in front of the police station. Meral served as a bodyguard to district governor Selçuk Şakar in the town of Ulus in Bartın province. Şakar was detained within the scope of an investigation into the Gülen Movement after the coup attempt. After the arrest of the district governor, a police officer was reassigned to the Bartın provincial department, and was on guard duty in front of the police station when he allegedly shot himself in the head. He was married and the father of one, and his wife was pregnant with their second child. An investigation was opened into the police officer's suicide. The chief of police of the same district, Muhammad Mertoğlu, was also announced as having committed suicide.
Vedat SavluBusinessman 2,08,2016SuicideAccording to the official statement, businessman Vedat Savlu, who police attempted to take into custody at at his house at 6:30 in the morning on Aug. 2, 2016 as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement in Isparta, fell from the fourth floor while trying to escape the police. Savlu, who was taken to Şifa Hospital by ambulance, was later declared dead. Police also claimed that Savlu had thrown a suitcase from the building.

It was claimed that the Savlu had committed suicide by jumping rather than falling off from the balcony of his apartment. In video footage, he was seen to have fallen, landing on the concrete floor.
Gökhan AçıkkoluTeacher5,08,2016Diabetic ComaGökhan Açıkkolu, a teacher who was taken into custody on July 23, died on Aug. 5, 2016, the 14th day of his detention in the custody of the anti-terror units of the Istanbul Police Department. On the fifth day of his detention Açıkkolu, who was diabetic, was taken to a public hospital’s emergency ward. Even though his chronic illness was detected, he continued to be kept in custody

His family and relatives maintained that Açıkkolu was tortured and subjected to ill-treatment. The abuse even continued after his death when authorities wanted to bury him in a special graveyard called the “Traitors’ Cemetery,” which was established after the failed coup bid. The authorities did not want to allow religious rituals to be performed for Açıkkolu. His father Ayhan Açıkkolu said his diabetic son could not stand what he had lived through in detention and died from a heart attack.

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office announced that an investigation had been launched into Açıkkolu's death. They confirmed that Açıkkolu was taken to the hospital twice during his time in detention.
Muhammet ÖzmenLaborer9,08,2016SuicideMuhammet Özmen (50), whose salary was seized within the scope of an investigation into the Hizmet Movement in the province of Zonguldak, reportedly committed suicide. It is not known whether an investigation has been opened into Özmen, who lived in the village of Bayat in the Ereğli district.
Ahmet BeşliChief Of Police10,08,2016SuicideAccording to official statements, Police Chief Ahmet Beşli (39) committed suicide in front of his colleagues. Beşli, who did not want to be taken into custody in the Belen district of Hatay, shot himself with his own gun before the eyes of police officers and committed suicide. Beşli was taken to a private hospital near the headquarters in an ambulance called by relatives. His family claimed that the incident was not a suicide, but that he was killed during interrogation in the police station.
Ömer ÇubukluPrison guard1,09,2016SuicideÖmer Çubuklu, a prison guard who was arrested as part of the coup investigation, allegedly hanged himself with a shoelaces and a drawstring when he was put in in a solitary cell in the İzmir No.2 F-type Prison. The prison guards found his lifeless body hung from a window in the cell at 1:30 am. An investigation was launched into his death, since shoelaces and drawstrings are prohibited in prisons.
Mustafa GüneylerTeacher2,09,2016SuicideMustafa Güneyler (50), a teacher who had been discharged within the scope of an investigation into the Gülen movement in the town of Osmanlı in Bilecik province, reportedly committed suicide. It was claimed that Güneyler fell into a depression after being dismissed from his job by government executive order no. 672 on Sept. 2, 2016. He allegedly killed himself by turning on a gas cylinder at home.
Bedih KurucanLaborer9,09,2016SuicideBedih Kurucan (30), convicted of the murder of his wife in April 2010 in the town of İnegol in Bursa province, reportedly hanged himself in the Muğla E-type Prison on Sept. 9, 2016.
Seyfettin YiğitProsecutor16,09,2016SuicideSeyfettin Yiğit (50), a public prosecutor who served in Bursa, was found hanging in a toilet in the Bursa E-Type Prison. He was detained for alleged links to the Gülen movement. It was claimed that Yiğit committed suicide by hanging himself with a clothesline in the toilet of his ward on the night of Sept. 15, the fourth day of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, after he met with his family during open visitation hours.

Engin Altay, deputy chairman of the main opposition CHP parliamentary group, said the death of prosecutor Yiğit should be investigated. Altay said: "There is doubt in our minds. We think that Seyfettin Yiğit was killed."
Yiğit's family also claimed that the prosecutor's death was a murder, not a suicide. Yiğit was incarcerated in the H-type prison on July 20, along with other judges and prosecutors being held in custody. He was married and the father of four. His body was found at 5:30 a.m. by friends in his ward.

The autopsy of Yiğit was performed at the Bursa Council of Forensic Medicine. Yiğit's wife, Ayşe İlknur testified that her husband was not a person who would commit suicide. Yiğit's 16-year-old daughter Ayça Yiğit said her father had nothing to do with the Gülen movement, either, and in fact was an opponent of Gülen. She argued that it was a murder.

Ayça Yiğit stated that her father Yiğit wrote many letters from prison after he was arrested. She said: "We had an open contact meeting during a visit to the prison to see my father because of Eid al-Adha. He was quite well. He was not bad. He told us that he wrote letters to us and that he would send them slowly. My dad did not write those letters at the last moment. There were three or four letters. A letter was written to President Erdoğan. We are waiting for the letters. We haven't gotten them yet. But we do not believe they were suicide notes."
In the following days Ayşe İlknur said she glanced at letters that were put in the case file at the prosecutor’s office. Yiğit said he wanted his wife to take good care of the children in the letters that went into the investigation file. Yiğit wanted their children to study well in school and help their mother. He wanted her to ask around for a person in Kağıthane who was a friend in common with President Erdoğan. He also wrote that he liked President Erdoğan very much.

His wife also noted that although her husband allegedly committed suicide on Sept. 15, there was a date on one of the letters of Sept. 19. Obviously he would send the letter that day, suggesting he was not planning suicide at all. “The words in the letter do not sound like those of a person who is prone to committing suicide,” she said, adding that her husband had advised many things to her and the children for the future. “We expect these letters to be given to us in the coming days," she underlined.
The investigation into the death of the Seyfettin Yiğit is still ongoing.
Ali DerebaşıTeacher19,09,2016SuicideAli Derebaşı, the director of the Barbaros kindergarten in the central province of Kayseri, reportedly committed suicide after his wife, who was also a teacher, had been brought to court on allegations that she was a member of the Gülen movement and was suspended from her job on Sept. 19 from the school he directed.

Derebaşı came to the kindergarten building at 6:30 in the morning and ended his life by hanging himself. Crime scene investigation teams and homicide detectives reportedly found a note from Derebaşı that said: "Death is at the door. It is not clear when death will come." It is claimed that Derebaşı, married and a father of three, had a psychological disorder.
Cegerxwin (Cigerhun) AkdenizStudent28,09,2016Fire DisasterCegerxwin Akdeniz (17) reportedly died in a fire started by juvenile prisoners at the Şırnak T-Type Prison on Sept. 28. His father, Atilla Akdeniz, was convinced that his son had been executed in prison. He said his son, who had been reported to have lost his life in the fire, was detained in the southeastern town of Cizre nine months earlier. Atilla stated that his son and his friend Seyit Rıza Şaran (16) were alone in the cell when the fire started.

Reminding that guards patrolled the cells 24 hours a day, father Akdeniz said: "How could they be burned? My son's whole body was totally burned. This is savagery. My son reportedly died from smoke inhalation, but his body was incinerated."

The father claimed that his son was executed by state forces. He noted: "Every time we went to see our son they said there was a curfew in the city, so we could not see him... They put my son in a cell and then burned him to death." An investigation into the death in the prison was launched.
Seyit Rıza ŞaranStudent28,09,2016Fire DisasterSeyit Rıza Şaran (16) was seriously injured in the prison fire in the Şırnak T-Type Closed Prison and was taken to Şırnak State Hospital. He reportedly died on Oct. 3. An investigation into his death was opened.

Lawyer Büşra Demir, a member of the Human Rights Association, claimed in her report about the prison that the pressure on political prisoners in the Şırnak T-Type Closed Prison increased every day and that activities such as social events, sports and such had been prohibited since July 15, 2016. She stated that a juvenile prisoner who had previously been in the same ward with Cigerhun Akdeniz and Seyit Rıza Şaran knew of the event but did not want to talk about it because he was afraid.
Emrah OğuzPolice Officer3,10,2016SuicideEmrah Oğuz (32), a police officer employed by the Bayburt Police Department and one of tens of thousands of police officers who were dismissed from their jobs, reportedly committed suicide on Oct. 3, 2016. Oğuz allegedly ended his life by shooting himself with his gun in the garden of the Bayburt Police Department, where he went to hand in his gun.
Adem TıraşPolice Officer4,10,2016SuicideAdem Tıraş, 26 years old police officer who was suspended over alleged links to the Gülen movement, reportedly took his own life by shooting to his head.
He was serving at police directorate at Akdeniz district in the southern province Mersin before his suspension. His alleged suicide took place a day after he turned in his government-issued gun and badge.
Tıraş was rushed to the Toros public hospital by people who heard the gunshot and found him wounded in a park.
Önder IrmakSergeant 10,10,2016SuicideAir Force noncommissioned officer Sgt. Maj. Önder Irmak (39), who was taken into custody by the Eskişehir Police Department over alleged links to the Gülen movement, reportedly committed suicide by drinking cleaning liquids he took from the bathroom during his detention. However, in detention centers, there are no chemicals kept in the bathrooms, including cleaning materials.

The prosecutor's office opened an investigation into workers Ö.Ç and M.Y., who allegedly left the chemicals in the toilet, and into the police officers working in the anti-terror branch. The Eskişehir Police Department claimed in a written statement that there were serious allegations about Irmak as part of the investigation into the Gülen movement. Irmak's family believes the incident was not a suicide, but death as a result of torture.
Hasan TaştanImam11,10,2016SuicideHasan Taştan (53), an imam who was allegedly depressed, committed suicide after his son M. Taştan was arrested as part of a crackdown on the Gülen movement in Hakkari province. Taştan, who served as the imam of the Zeytinli Garden Mosque in the Turgut Türkalp neighborhood of the Toroslar district of Mersin, committed suicide in the house next to the mosque after night prayer.
Enver ŞentürkWarden13,10,2016SuicideEnver Şentürk (31) was suspended from his job as a guard in the Adıyaman E-Type Prison over alleged links to the Gülen movement. He reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in the stairwell of the eighth floor of a 10-story building. Şentürk was married and the father of one.
Dursun KaynarTruck driver13,10,2016SuicideDursun Kaynar (49), who was detained for the crimes of murder and causing bodily harm, committed suicide in the Kütahya E-Type Closed Prison. Kaynar had wounded Ömriye Uçar and killed her son on Oct. 6, 2015 in Kütahya province. He had been detained for a year and was alleged to have suffered from psychological disorders and committed suicide by hanging himself.
Mehmet Ali İnalLaborer20,10,2016SuicideMehmet Ali İnal (47), who was detained in the Sivas E-Type Closed Prison, reportedly hung himself with a belt in his ward. An investigation was opened into his death. İnal was detained on July 12 for injuring bus hostess G.Y.
Hakkı TopalPolice Officer21,10,2016SuicideHakkı Topal, a police officer who was suspended from duty on Oct. 4 in Çorum over alleged links to Gülen, allegedly committed suicide. He reportedly hanged himself in a forested area near Seydim Lake. Çiğdem Topal, the wife of the police officer, stated that she called the police when she could not reach her husband on his mobile phone. Police and gendarmerie teams found Topal's body hanging from a tree. The prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the death of the police officer. His wife said, "You have finished us, my husband was not guilty." Topal was the father of two.
Cahit KorkmazPolice Officer25,10,2016SuicideCahit Korkmaz (44), a police officer in Bursa, reportedly committed suicide by shooting himself with his own gun out of fear of being investigated over his alleged links to the Gülen movement.

Korkmaz, a police officer for 18 years, served in the archives section at the Çekirge Police Department in the district of Osmangazi. He reportedly went to the recreation room and fired one shot at his heart after he prayed. It was stated that his colleagues who ran to the room at the sound of a gunshot found Korkmaz lying in a pool of blood. Korkmaz, who was taken to the hospital, was unable to be saved.

Korkmaz reportedly asked his friend just half an hour before the incident: "Are they including me in the investigation of FETÖ because I pray? Will they put me in prison? Will my family perish? I'm afraid I'll be hunted because of Bylock wiretapping." Korkmaz reportedly left this note to his family: "I love you very much, you have nothing to do with me committing suicide. Only fear has brought me to this point."
İrfan KızılarslanColonel5,11,2016Suicideİrfan Kızılarslan, a colonel who was the head of the Kastamonu Gendarmerie Regional Command, was arrested on July 17 as part of an investigation into the coup attempt. It was stated that Kızılarslan, who was subsequently dismissed from the Turkish Armed Forces, allegedly committed suicide in his prison ward.

Kızılarslan was being held at the Tokat T-Type Çamlıbel Prison. Kızılarslan's body, which was found early in the morning, was taken to the Tokat State Hospital morgue for an autopsy. An investigation into the incident has begun. It was claimed that Kızılarslan committed suicide by hanging himself from a window with a shoestring. An investigation was opened since security precautions are very strict in the prison and shoestrings are forbidden there. However, the fate of the investigation is not known.
Zeynep EpliPKK-PAJK militant 7,11,2016SuicideZehra Epli, detained at Gebze Prison for Women, ended her life by setting herself on fire in protest of the arrest of Kurdish politicians.

Lawyers from the Libertarian Lawyers Association and Arif Yılmaz, co-chair of Istanbul Solidarity with Prisoners Association, went to the facility to obtain information from the authorities.

Epli's cellmates told lawyers that "Epli set herself ablaze to protest operations targeting Kurdish lawmakers and the government's security policies." According to the Milliyet newspaper and IHA news agency, Epli ended her life by hanging herself with a headscarf. Epli, who was convicted of membership in the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), reportedly hanged herself early in the morning, and guards called 112 after finding her body. A 112 Emergency Service team performed 45 minutes of heart massage on Epli, but she could not be saved. The prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the incident.
Burak AçıkalınEngineer8,11,2016SuicideBurak Açıkalın, who was detained in an F-type prison in the Hacılar district of Kırıkkale, allegedly committed suicide on Nov. 8, 2016. Açıkalın was among a number of engineers employed by the intelligence branch of the police department and was detained after July 15 on the grounds that he allegedly leaked information to a government whistleblower on Twitter known as Fuat Avni. It was claimed that he was tortured after refusing to sign a prepared confession.
Muharrem BahçıvanLaborer11,11,2016SuicideMuharrem Bahçıvan (29) reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself in the Aydın E-Type Prison, where he was imprisoned for assault. It was stated that Bahçıvan had previously been in the open section of the prison and was put in the closed section because he had escaped and was captured some time earlier. An investigation is under way into the death of Bahçıvan, whose jail sentence was about to be completed in January 2017.
Mehmet Emin Doğan18,11,2016SuicideMehmet Emin Doğan (29), who had been incarcerated in the Tekirdag F-Type Closed Prison for six years, reportedly committed suicide. A brother of Doğan also died suspiciously seven months ago in Batman Prison. The prison administration explained that Doğan committed suicide because of "psychological problems." Doğan's family, suspicious of this statement, filed a criminal complaint.
Behçet Emdi Teacher19,11,2016SuicideBehçet Emdi (43), a teacher who had previously been suspended from duty and arrested on Nov. 17 on coup charges, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in prison. Emdi, who was taken to the Karabük T-Type Prison, was reported to have taken his life by hanging himself with a shoestring attached to the window in the prison bathroom at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of July 19. Emdi was found dead by other prisoners.

Emdi’s body was brought to Ankara for autopsy. He was the father of two and worked as a social studies teacher in the Safranbolu Misak-ı Milli Secondary School, Emdi’s wife, a nurse, was previously fired as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement.
Hayrullah TamtürkPolice Officer21,11,2016SuicideHayrullah Tamtürk (40) was dismissed from his job while working as deputy police chief in Bilecik province. He had 17 years of service before he was purged as part of a government crackdown on the Gülen movement.

The deputy chief took his wife and children to visit his father-in-law in the town of Karasu in Sakarya province. He allegedly hung himself when he was alone in the house. The family found his body.
Ergülü YıldızTeacher24,11,2016SuicideErgülü Yıldız (47), a teacher who was suspended from his job after the failed coup attempt, allegedly committed suicide on Nov, 24, Teachers Day. Yıldız was working as an assistant principal at an elementary school in the Sungurlu district of Çorum province. He was first suspended and then taken into custody on alleged links to the Gülen movement. He was later released under judicial supervision and was obliged to check in at the police station every week.

Relatives who had not heard from him for some time called the police. When officers broke into his apartment in the Fatih district of Istanbul, they found his body hanging from the ceiling.
Ünal TakmaklıBusinessman 29,11,2016Heart AttackÜnal Takmaklı (77), a businessman who voluntarily testified to the Aydın Nazilli Police Department even though there was no investigation into him after his two brothers were taken into custody on coup charges, was arrested on July 28. He was the founder of the Uğur Deep Freezing Plant and known for his philanthropic and charitable donations. He died on Nov. 29, 2016 reportedly as a result of a heart attack at the Menemen T-Type Prison, where he was being held. A prosecutor launched an investigation into his death.
Hasan Hüseyin CanPolice Officer1,12,2016SuicideHasan Hüseyin Can (46), a police officer who was working at the motor vehicle registry and inspection unit in Hatay province, was taken into custody over his alleged links to the Gülen movement. He was later released but was required to check in with the police department on a weekly basis. Can, a father of two, allegedly shot himself in the head while home alone.
Beytullah Akil11,12,2016SuicideBeytullah Akil, who was incarcerated in the Şırnak T-Type Prison, allegedly ended his life by hanging to protest prison conditions and pressures on the Kurdish people. Akil was arrested three years ago and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Human Rights Association (İHD) lawyer Gülseren Yoleri said: "We were worried about the allegations of torture that we heard. Our last visit was to Şırnak Prison. A young prisoner was paralyzed because of torture. Although there were traces of torture on his face, the doctor reported that he was healthy. After this meeting, Akil committed suicide in order to protest the torture."
Mehmet OldumPolice Officer21,12,2016SuicideMehmet Oldum (34), a police officer, was taken into custody over alleged links to the Gülen movement. He allegedly hung himself in the house of his grandfather in the village of Ardıç in the Osmancık district. Oldum’s dead body was found by his brother. An investigation into his death launched by the prosecutor's office is still under way.
Hakan Ekinci23,12,2016SuicideHakan Ekinci, a convict in the Edirne F-Type High Security Prison, was found to have committed suicide by hanging himself from iron bed railings with a bed sheet on Dec. 23 after he was told he would be transferred to another prison. Ekinci was convicted on charges of "damaging public property, threat, insult, theft, minor fraud and drug distribution."
Mehmet İnamDentist5,01,2017Heart AttackMehmet İnam, a dentist in İzmir’s Kemalpaşa district, was arrested as part of a government crackdown on the Gülen movement. He allegedly died of a heart attack on Jan. 5, 2017 in Menemen Prison, where he was being held. Relatives claimed he was not given medication that he needed for a heart problem. It is alleged that treatment for a large number of prisoners who have serious health problems is not being fully provided.
Sadullah KaraPolice Officer7,01,2017SuicideSadullah Kara (35), a police officer who was assigned to the Kartal Courthouse, allegedly committed suicide when he was notified of his suspension over an investigation into the Gülen movement. When police units came to inform him of the decision and asked him to hand over his gun and ID, Kara reportedly shot himself in the head in the police station located at the courthouse.
However, it was later revealed that there was no official notification of his suspension but that he was asked to report to police headquarters and turn over his gun.
Zeki CezayirlioğluPolice Officer16,01,2017SuicideZeki Cezayirlioğlu (44) was a police officer who had been suspended over alleged links to the Gülen movement but was later reinstated after he was cleared of all charges. He allegedly tried to commit suicide by drinking pesticide due to the exclusion and mobbing he had suffered since returning to duty.
Cezayirlioğlu was assigned to the Karabük Police Vocational Training Center when he attempted to kill himself and was immediately taken to the hospital. He recovered after treatment. However, following his discharge from the hospital, Cezayirlioğlu committed suicide by shooting himself in the head while his wife and two children were at home.
Hasan Orhan ÇetinBiochemistry Assistant19,02,2017SuicideHasan Orhan Çetin (30), a biochemistry assistant at the İzmir Katip Çelebi University Atatürk Teaching and Research Hospital, allegedly committed suicide after he became depressed following his suspension from duty as part of a crackdown on the Gülen movement. He reportedly jumped from the 10th floor of the hospital where he worked and ended his life. Devastated by her husband’s death, his wife was hospitalized for treatment in the same hospital.

Çetin was dismissed from his job two days before he reportedly committed suicide. Ahmet Doğruyol, head of the İzmir branch of the Turkish Health Union, said: "Labeling as traitors or punishing people who work and function as law-abiding citizens without seeing the result of legal proceedings hurts the people’s conscience and causes trauma. Our duty as a state is not to lose people but to win people." The public prosecutor launched an investigation into Çetin's suicide.
Mehmet Fatih TraşAcademician25,02,2017SuicideMehmet Fatih Traş (34), a research assistant at Çukurova University in the southern Turkish province of Adana, committed suicide in his home after he was fired from his job at the university.

Traş was one of the signatories of a peace declaration which in early 2016 called on the government to halt operations by security forces in southeastern Turkey, restore peace to the nation and return to the negotiating table to restart shelved talks with the Kurds to find a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue. A total of 1,128 academics signed the declaration, which attracted widespread criticism from the government.

Traş was fired from his job at the university after he finished his doctoral studies. His employment contract was not renewed. The Adana branch of the Education Personnel Union (Eğitim Sen) made a statement concerning Traş’s death and said the academic committed suicide as a result of psychological trauma he experienced after losing his job.

The peace declaration frustrated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, leading to retribution against the academics. Some of the insults Erdoğan used against them included “so-called intellectuals,” “a flock called intellectuals,” “traitors” and “rough copies of intellectuals.”
Mustafa Sadık AkdağDentist27,02,2017SuicideMustafa Sadık Akdağ (34), assistant professor in the faculty of dentistry at Ordu University in Turkey’s Black Sea region, committed suicide, apparently because of the psychological trauma he experienced from being investigated due to alleged links to the faith-based Gülen movement. Akdağ shot himself to death in the house of one of his friends in the Black Sea province of Trabzon. Leaving a suicide note behind, he wrote: “Nobody is responsible for my death. An accusation was directed at me. I am referring those who directed this accusation at me to God.”

Turkish media reports said Akdağ was recently interrogated by prosecutors due to alleged links to the Gülen movement and released. Akdağ’s body was taken to the Trabzon Council of Forensic Medicine for autopsy, while an investigation has been launched into his death.
Mehmet TosunJudge6,03,2017CancerMehmet Tosun (29), a judge who was expelled from his job and detained on July 19, 2016 over alleged involvement in the July 15 coup attempt, died of cancer. He was interrogated by the police and prosecutor but later released under judicial supervision that required him to check in with the police department on a regular basis and banned from travelling abroad.
Mustafa ZümreComputer Engineer8,03,2017DrowningMustafa Zümre, a computer engineer at the 15th Missile Base Command in İstanbul who was dismissed from his post, has been found dead after he was missing for 78 days.

Zümre, for whom an arrest warrant was issued due to alleged Gülen links, reportedly went to the Umurca village of Edirne’s Meriç district along with his wife and children on Dec. 12 to cross the Maritsa River to reach Greece in order to escape the witch-hunt against Gülen followers in Turkey.

Zümre reportedly jumped into the Maritsa River while he was fleeing a gendarmerie team. His body was found in the Maritsa River on March 8 by Turkish military patrols six kilometers from the riverbank where he went missing.

According to a report by online newsportal, Zümre was tortured during the custody. “During the mass arrests [following the coup attempt of July 15], Mustafa was also detained and released. When I asked him what happened during detention, he said: ‘Let’s not talk about it. Some parts can never be told. But I can say that they tried everything you can imagine as torture on me,” said the source, who asked to remain anonymous. “Mustafa told me that ‘if they detain me again, they will not leave me alive.’ That’s the reason he was trying to leave Turkey,” added the source.
Kemal KurkutFine Arts Academy Students21,03,2017ShotKemal Kurkut was shot dead by police at Nevruz celebrations in the Bağlar district of the southeastern province Diyarbakır on March 21, 2017 on suspicion that he was a suicide bomber.

However photos shot by DiHaber shows Kurkut’s confrontation with and killing by police minute by minute and clearly rule out the possibility of Kurkut being a suicide bomber. Police found poetry books and clothes in Kurkut’s backpack after he was shot.

Kurkut was studying at İnönü University’s fine arts faculty department of music and came for Nevruz celebrations in his hometown of Diyarbakır early on March 21. He stayed with his brother and joined in the celebrations the same day.

A bare-chested Kurkut quarreled with police at the checkpoint when trying to get into the venue, photos taken during the incident show.

The Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office oversees the investigation into Kurkut’s killing. Two officers were detained then released in the probe.

Diyarbakır Bar Association President Ahmet Özmen said “The footage of the moment in which Kemal Kurkut was shot shows that the incident is a violation of the right to life. The Diyarbakır Bar will pursue the investigation with determination.”

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) İstanbul deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu, in a parliamentary question, asked why Kurkut was killed when instead he could have “been “neutralized” by hundreds of police officers in the area.”

In the question, directed at Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, Tanrıkulu also asked about allegations that the police made journalists delete footage of the incident.

“Is it true that police forced journalists in the area to delete the footage on their cameras as well as reformat their memory cards?” Tanrıkulu asked.
Ali ÖzerDoctor23,03,2017Heart AttackAli Özer, a 48-year-old doctor who was jailed due to his alleged links to the civic group Gülen movement, has died of a heart attack in Çorum Prison on March 23, 2017.

Özer had been the deputy chief physician at Ankara Nallıhan State Hospital.

The doctor died at the Çorum Teaching and Research Hospital, where he was taken after suffering a heart attack in his prison ward. There are credible reports confirming that detainees and prisoners have been subjected the systematic torture and ill-treatment in Turkey’s prisons and centers.

Özer’s body was sent to the Ankara Council of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy.
Fatih KorkmazTeacher25,10,2016CancerFatih Korkmaz, a teacher who was diagnosed with a brain cancer on February 2016, was detained in a police raid to his home at dawn on Aug.17, 2016 on alleged involvement in a coup.

Korkmaz underwent a surgery recently and had to rest to recover based on medical reports but authorities disregarded his medical condition. He was transferred to Bartın where he was jailed.

His brother submitted three reports drawn up by medical doctors at Hacettepe University warning that Korkmaz’s life is at risk and urged the prosecutor to release his brother pending trial.

Yet he was kept in jail for 25 days despite repeated pleas by the family. When his situation got seriously deteriorated, authorities had to release him a month later.

In the days he spent in the jail, the cancer made a comeback despite the surgery. He died on October 25, 2016 at the age of 30. He is survived with a wife and there children, aged 9, 7 and 1.

His father, sixty years old, was also jailed on trumped up charges of belonging to the Gülen movement.
Kadir EycePolice Officer11,04,2017CancerKadir Eyce, a 33-year-old police officer who was jailed due to alleged links to the Gülen movement, died on April 12, 2017, several weeks after he was released from prison due to health problems.

He was detained on August 28, 2016 and reportedly subjected to torture in long detention period. He had been denied food and water in jail, thereby losing 45 kilograms in three months.

A lawyer representing Eyce told Turkish media that when he was arrested he weighed 90 kilograms. Pictures posted on social media also revealed the extent of the ill-treatment against the jailed police officer, causing serious concern about the fate of thousands of civilians who have been kept in prisons under poor conditions across the country.

He was denied treatment at the hospital even though he was suffering from severe gastrointestinal pain for days. They only allowed him to receive treatment in his cell.

His health worsened further. When he was checked into a hospital on December 17, 2016, he was diagnosed with a cancer. It took another month for authorities to finally release him on January 18, 2017.

When he was finally transferred to a hospital, it was almost too late. “His body was beyond recognition,” said Emel Eyce, the wife of the police officer.
Recep ErdemBusinessman 6,04,2017Heart AttackThe 74-year-old businessman Recep Erdem, under arrest as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement, passed away after a heart attack while his two children, also in prison over similar charges, were allowed to attend funeral ceremony only in handcuffs.

Erdem suffered a heart attack in prison early April and was taken to Erzurum regional hospital for treatment. While the elderly failed to make it through the treatment on Apr 6, 2017, his children İsmail and İbrahim were given only limited access to funeral with gendarmerie always in company.

The children were allowed for pray only in handcuffs.

Both three were earlier jailed as part of a government crackdown against the Gulen movement. Ismail was one of the partners of the Erzurum’s prominent grocery store chain, TEMA until the government seized it. He was put under pre-trial arrest on August 2016.
Barış KeremHigh School Student14,04,2017Extrajudicially executed by policeBarış Kerem, 18-year old high school student, was killed by a police when the car he was in reportedly did not stop at police checkpoint on April 14, 2017.

Police fired at a car after the driver, Demirhan Erkol, 15-year old, reportedly failed to heed an order to stop, killing two young men and injuring two others in İstanbul’s Gazi district.

According to the report, the car that was carrying Demirhan Erkul, Oğuzhan Erkul, Barış Kerem, Ramazan Altürk and Birkan Yüksel did not stop at a police checkpoint. During the ensuing pursuit police fired at the car, killing Oğuzhan Erkul and Kerem, while Altürk and Demirhan Erkul were injured. Yüksel was detained by the police.
Atorney Kıvanç Kayaoğlu who talked to the family members said police aimed to kill teenagers instead of trying to stop them. Oya Aslan, attorney for Demirhan, said his client did not have a driver’s license and was driving a company car. He panicked when police ordered him to stop. Aslan said police fired 45 bullets at the car.

Funerals were held at Gazi Cemevi after autopsies were performed on the bodies of teenagers.
Oğuzhan ErkulHigh School Student14,04,2017Extrajudicially executed by policeOğuzhan Erkul, 17-year old teenager, was killed by a police when the car he was in reportedly did not stop at police checkpoint on April 14, 2017.
Police fired at a car after the driver, Oğuzhan Erkul, 15-year old, reportedly failed to heed an order to stop, killing two young men and injuring two others in İstanbul’s Gazi district.
According to the report, the car that was carrying Oğuzhan Erkul, Barış Kerem, Ramazan Altürk and Birkan Yüksel did not stop at a police checkpoint. During the ensuing pursuit police fired at the car, killing Erkul and Kerem, while Altürk and Oğuzhan Erkul were injured. Yüksel was detained by the police.
Atorney Kıvanç Kayaoğlu who talked to the family members said police aimed to kill teenagers instead of trying to stop them. Oya Aslan, attorney for Oğuzhan, said his client did not have a driver’s license and was driving a company car. He panicked when police ordered him to stop. Aslan said police fired 45 bullets at the car.
Funerals were held at Gazi Cemevi after autopsies were performed on the bodies of teenagers.
Hasan ErkuşPolice Officer26,04,2017SuicideHasan Erkuş, a police officer assigned to protect Turkish Parliament, reportedly killed himself with his own gun after he learned he was dismissed from his job along with over 9,000 police officers in the single largest purge by the government.

The government has so far dismissed over 140,000 public employees as part of alleged links to Gülen movement.

Erkuş called his relatives before he allegedly committed the suicide, saying that he has never been a traitor and did not betray to his country. He posted similar messages on his social media account.
Gültekin PayatTeacher2,5,2017Fall from the balconyGültekin Payat, a 41-year-old teacher with an outstanding arrest warrant issued against him as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement, died after falling 10 meters from a balcony, as he was allegedly attempting to escape from police officers looking for him.

Denizli police raided a home where Payat had been in hiding for some time. He is accused of having been involved with an association that was closed under one of the post-coup emergency decrees.

Payat reportedly jumped into the balcony of the next apartment after he saw police knocking at his door.

When he attempted to leap to a third balcony, the iron bar he was holding was bent down and he fell straight to the ground from the third floor.

The father of two was taken to the Denizli State Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
Mustafa Hikmet Kayapalı Author, theologian 10,05,2017 Fall from balconyA 59-year-old Turkish writer, Mustafa Hikmet Kayapalı, died after allegedly falling from a three-story-building as he was reportedly attempting to escape from a police raid carried out as part of an investigation into the faith-based Gülen movement.

Balıkesir police raided an apartment upon a complaint about a meeting of Gülen followers according to -the state-run Anadolu news agency.
Kayapalı is reported to have gone out on the balcony when he saw police raiding the apartment he was in.

The agency did not elaborate on the incident further but said the iron bar he was holding broke off and that he fell to the ground from the third floor.

Author of four books on religion and family issues, Kayapalı died at the scene.
Abdulkadir KaradağGendarmarie15,07,2016Shot by his commanding officerDuring the July 15 failed coup attempt, Trainee Lieutenant Abdülkadir Karadağ was called to İstanbul’s city center on the basis of the fact that there were ISIS linked terrorists in the police uniforms there. Trainee Lieutenant Karadağ was taken to the main facility of Gendarmerie General Command with his friends. His father founded Karadağ’s dead body in Ankara’s Keçiören district Forensic Medicine Institution after fifteen days passed. One of Karadağ’s friends imprisoned in Sincan Prison told to his family, “That night this traitorous captain lieutenant killed Abdülkadir [Karadağ] because we did not fulfill the shoot order of [traitorous captain] we had never seen before.” Karadağ’s father took his body to the province of Erzurum in which Karadağ’s funeral ceremony was not allowed by the local authorities despite the fact that his father found an appropriate burial place. Karadağ could only be buried in a body bag without not only being shrouded in a deserted land, but also a funeral prayer.
Fatih EzberPolice chief 2,02,2017SuicideFatih Ezber, 36-year old police chief in northeastern province Trabzon, reportedly committed a suicide by shooting himself in the head in his car.

He was suspended from his job over alleged links to the Gülen movement but was allowed to return to the work on January. He was appointed as police chief in Sürmene district two days before his allegedly committed a suicide.

He is survived by a wife and two kids. An investigation was launched into his death.
Musa DerinyarDeputy police chief22,03,2017SuicideMusa Derinyar, 41-year old deputy police chief, allegedly tried to take his life by his own gun in a police station in Çanakkale province.

His colleagues found him in a pool of blood lying on the ground in a prayer room in the police station and rushed him to the hospital. He was performed emergency surgery but lost his life. He is survived by a wife and two children.
Murat ŞişkinPolice officer 31,07,2016SuicideMurat Şişkin, 42-year old police officer, was found dead in his car with a gunshot wound at the head.
He left his home on July 30, 2016, but not returned, prompting his wife to file a missing person report. When police traced his mobile phone signal, he was located in Kumarlı neighborhood of the city of Osmaniye. The search party soon found his body in the car parked in an olive tree garden.
Authorities described the case as a suicide but family members believe there was a foul play in the killing of Şişkin.
Şişkin was a brand-new father of a baby boy only four days ago and was very happy with the new member of the family that has already three girls. Family members say there is no reason for him to commit a suicide.
Kamil İsmail AydınStudent25,03,2017SuicideKamil İsmail Aydın, 19-year old student, reportedly experienced a depression after his farher Nasuhi Engin Aydın, a professor, was arrested for having an account at government-seized Bank Asya that was affliated with the Gülen movement.

İsmail Aydın was studying at Turkey’s top notch university Boğaziçi and reportedly took his life in the school dormitory.
Mehmet KaradoğanTeacher18,11,2016SuicideMehmet Karadoğan, 37-year old teacher who was suspended from his job over alleged links to the Gülen movement, took his life by a hunting rifle in Ortanca district in the western province Muğla.

Karadoğan was married and is survived by a wife and two children. The gendarmerie found his lifeless body in a lemon tree garden near his abandoned car that was parked on the roadside.

He was under investigation for allegedly visiting a banned site that is belonged to the Gülen movement on a broadband that he shared with colleagues last year during his assignment in Afyon province. His elder brother Galip Karadoğan said Mehmet was under investigation by the prosecutor and he did not want anybody know about it. He said both visited the prosecutor in Afyon and learned that the investigation will take some time while he is under suspension.
İzzet AkdağPolice officer 4,09,2016Suicideİzzet Akdağ, a police officer who was suspended over alleged links to the Gülen movement, reportedly committed a suicide by shooting himself.
Although he was allowed to return to the work after suspension in the city of Mersin, Akdağ suffered from depression, local reports said.
He is survived by a wife and three children.
KenanMercanSergeant major 28,07,2016SuicideKenan Mercan, 38 year old sergeant, allegedly committed a suicide by his own gun in the town of Yakutiye in Turkey’s Eastern province Erzurum.
He was reported to have been upset about his police brother’s suspension on alleged links to the Gülen movement.
While his wife was putting the small child to the bed, Mercan went into the kitchen and locked the room. He then shot himself at the head with a handgun. His wife found him lying on the floor in a blood.
He is survived with a wife and two children.
Y YPolice chief27,04,2017 SuicideDeputy Police Chief Y.Y., who went to the province of Osmaniye for having a vacation was suspended from his duty as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement. At the morning hours, Y.Y.’s dead body was founded at the Türkoğlu Mosque courtyard. It was told that Y.Y. committed suicide.
Hüseyin PembeTeacher29,05,2017CancerHüseyin Pembe, a 62-year old teacher who has been jailed for nine months despite he was receiving a cancer treatment, died in pre-trial detention.
Pembe was arrested on February 15, 2017 for raising scholarship funds for the poor students and accused of being a member to the Gülen movement. Terrible prison conditions in Erzincan province negatively impacted his health and he was diagnosed with a cancer after spending four months in the jail.
He and other 29 people were kept in a prison cell that was built to accommodate only eight. He had to share single bathroom with 49 other people in the block.
He had to go under surgery a month before his passing. Yet, authorities sent him back to the same overcrowded cell after three days in the hospital.
Later, Pembe was transferred to Ankara Sincan prison for chemotherapy treatment nearby hospital. He was never allowed to see his family while he was going under difficult chemotherapy sessions. Authorities did not allow him to be released pending trial and kept him in the jail after each session.
His health unfortunately got worsened further and had to be rushed to the emergency room eventually. He was placed in intensive care unit. His doctor who urged a family visit for him was also threatened with an imprisonment.
Pembe died in hospital on May 29, 2017 before even getting a chance to say a farewell to his family members.
Adding insult to the injury, Turkish authorities issued a release order for him posthumously.
Tuğçe ÖlçerStudent11,06,2017SuicideTuğçe Ölçer, a 21-year-old university student died after jumping off a balcony as she was depressed in the face of her father’s imprisonment.
A fourth-grade at the İstanbul-based Boğazici University’s Faculty of Education, Ölçer jumped to her death from her family house’s balcony in Buca, İzmir. Ölçer suffered a psychological trauma after his father, identified with his initials M.A.Ö., was arrested and that she was in a bad mood for some time.
Hatice G12,06,2017SuicideHatice G. a 60-year-old woman, hanged herself in her house in Söke district of Aydın province. Hatice G. was the wife of V.G., a small business owner under arrest over his alleged links to the Gülen movement since July 27, 2016.
V.G. was running a stationery store before he was arrested and that H.G. took over the business along with their children after V.G.’s imprisonment. Hatice. G. suffered a physiological collapse due to her husband’s arrest and ensuing difficulties at work.
Eren Uzun18,06,2017SuicideEren Uzun, who was only 22-years-old, detained in İzmir’s Kemalpaşa district while attacking a woman with a drawn knife in the market. Uzun hanged himself under police custody.
Önder DuranPolice officer03,07,2017SuicideÖnder Duran, 43-year old police officer, who was working in Konya’s Akşehir district Police Department’s Counter-terrorism branch committed suicide by service pistol. Authorities launched an official investigation about Duran’s death. He was married and had one child, and working in the city of Akşehir for about 5 years.
Kamil ÜlgütBusinessman 04,07,2017Heart AttackKamil Ülgüt (61) was arrested on Aug 14, 2016 within the scope of prosecution after July 15 failed coup attempt against Gülen movement. 61-year-old detainee Ürgüt was kept in Elbistan E-type prison. He was founded dead in bath on the visiting day after having an heart attack and passing away. The authorities launched an investigation about his death.
Melikşah KültürPolice officer01,07,2017An administration investigation was launched under allegations of close links to the Gülen movement about 41-year-old Melikşah Kültür who was working at the Gaziantep Security Directorate. After about three months passed, Kültür was founded dead in his friend’s studio apartment. His dead body was founded after he passed away 6 days ago.
Necmettin Fendik17,07,2017Shot by policeNecmettin Fendik, a construction worker, lost his life after being severely wounded by the police when he opened the door of his house during the raid on Hakkari’s Yüksekova district in the morning of July 16, 2017. It was stated that police officers carried out this operation on the basis of a denunciation on three neighborhoods. His wife Kudret Fendik witness the fact that law enforcement officers had taken the 9-month-old baby Efrin from her elder sister’s arms, and threw it to ground, and assaulted the other child who was trying to go to his father. His wife also told that police officers used violence to all family members. Necmettin had been waiting for two hours as a seriously injured person, and police officers did not even allow him to approach his children. Police officers also threatened the family members to death with their long-barreled guns, and pointed them at the neighbors looking through the window under the blockade of Güngör neighborhood. Necmettin, who was taken to the hospital two hours after he was shot that night, lost his life on the morning of July 18th.
Hakan ÇalışkanDeputy police chief31,07,2017SuicideThe police chief Hakan Çalışkan, who was serving as İstanbul’s Silivri District Police Chief, was founded dead after he committed suicide by his service pistol even though it was not learned why Çalışkan killed himself. It was stated that Çalışkan came to the office of the District Security Directorate Service Building on July 31, 2017 to take a rest around 01:10 o’clock. He was founded dead at around 10:30 while he was sitting in the personal secretary chair. There was a gunshot injury on his head and the serving pistol was just there beside the seat.
Ahmet TatarPolice chief03,08,2017Heart AttackFifty-two-year-old Ahmet Tatar, a police chief who was arrested as part of an investigation into the Gülen movement in Osmaniye province, has died in prison.

The administration of Osmaniye Prison said Tatar died of a heart attack after he was taken to Osmaniye State Hospital on Tuesday (01.08.2017) when he complained of pain in his chest.

Tatar retired in 2015 as chief of the Diyarbakır Police Department’s traffic division.
Davut TürkelMembers of a labor union14,08,2017Died under police custody59-years-old Davut Türkel was detained by police in Antalya province on July 13 together with 90 others, who used to be members of a labor union called AKÇA-DER in an investigation as part of Turkish government’s post-coup witch hunt campaign targeting alleged members of the Gülen movement. He was kept under police custody for days and was transferred to the courthouse for the first time on 12nd day of his detention. However, he was suspiciously died in the courthouse before he could defend himself before the court.

It was stated by police that Türkel fell down from the stairs and hit his head to the floor at the courthouse before he was seen by the judge. Following the incident he was transferred to the hospital and stayed in the intensive care unit at an Antalya hospital until his demise on August 3.

It was claimed that Türkel’s falll down from the stairs of the courthouse is impossible basing on the fact that the detainees’ arms have been hold by police officers or gendarmeries during the transfers of the detainees from detention centers to the courthouse. It was also claimed that as Türkel’s treatment was being continued in the intensive care unit, the court immediately decided to release him as part of an effort to cover up the fact that he died under suspicious conditions as he was under the police custody.
Durmuş Ali ÇetinPolice officer19,08,2017SuicideDurmuş Ali Çetin, a former police officer who was dismissed from his job by government decree 10 months ago, was found dead at his home in İstanbul on Saturday, apparently having committed suicide. It was reported that Çetin fell into a depression after he had difficulty repaying a loan he secured to buy the house in İstanbul.
He moved to Kahramanmaraş’s Afşin district, where his family has been living since he was fired. Çetin recently went to İstanbul to sell the house, but his family hadn’t heard from him in a while. Police entered the house on Saturday and found Çetin dead after the family reported him missing.
He was buried in Afşin following a religious ceremony.
He had previously disappeared on May 17 and could not been reached for days and his family had been concerned about the security of his life. The father of three moved to Afşin district of Turkey’s eastern province Kahramanmaraş after he was dismissed from his post in İstanbul by a an arbitrary government decree under the rule over emergency over his alleged links to the Gülen movement.
However, on May 30, 2017, Durmuş Ali Çetin was found in Hatay province and reported to have suffered psychological problems.
Mustafa ErdoğanSupreme Court member22,08,2017Negligence by authoritiesTurkey’s Supreme Court member Mustafa Erdoğan, who was detained at a hospital room, lost his life after being released in critical care.
The medical reports showing the criticality of his situation were ignored and the appeals for his release were rejected. His daughter Buket Erdoğan had earlier said: “My father is fighting for his life in a cell. He is getting infected in the prison.”
Erdoğan was put to sleep nine days ago since he lost his consciousness and was released later on.
The reason for Erdoğan’s arrest is not known since no indictment was written.
Hamza Kaçmaz19,08,2017Suicide
Sevgi BalcıNurse25,08,2017SuicideSevgi Balcı, mother of a seven-month-old baby and a nurse who was fired by a government decree in October 2016, committed suicide by hanging herself in Isparta province. She was buried after a funeral in Burdur’s Bucak district.
According to website, Balcı who is a mother of three, was expecting to return her profession by recent decrees issued early on Friday (25.08.2017). After realizing that she is not reinstated to her job, Balcı died after committing suicide.
Sevgi Balcı had also attempted to commit suicide on August 15, 2017, reported local media outlets. According to the reports 37-year-old mother of three hanged herself at her home in Çünür neighborhood in Isparta. Sevci Balcı’s neighbors, failed to hear from her for a while, called the police who later broke into her house and found out that she had hanged herself.
An anonymous tip submitted on August 17 to @magdurmesajiTr, a Twitter account known for awareness postings regarding the post-coup rights violations, Sevgi Balcı and her husband Halil İbrahim Balcı were dismissed from their jobs as a nurse and a hospital worker, respectively.
“She has been psychologically depressed for some time and she tried to commit suicide earlier too. …She is now under intensive care at a hospital,” the tip said.
İbrahim EskiPolice officer26,09,2017Suicide
İrfan BayarMunicipal worker27,10,2017Suicideİrfan Bayar, a municipal worker in Kastamonu province and a former soldier who was wounded in a clash with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in 1997, committed suicide after an investigation was launched against him for sending his kid to a private school affiliated with the Gülen movement.
Turkey’s main opposition Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP) member Yıldırım Kaya said during a press conference that Bayar shot himself dead in a car parked in front of his workplace on October 27. Bayar tried to register his son Efe to a private school in downtown Kastamonu but was denied request due to overcapacity, and Efe ended up in a Gülen movement-affiliated school in 2011, Kaya said.
“İrfan Kaya was summoned to Ankara for interrogation as part of an investigation two weeks ago. He told the inspector overseeing the interrogation: ‘I sent my son to that school with the help of the government quota [for veteran soldiers]. I have no links and affiliation [to the movement].” Kaya said Bayar killed himself over disappointment that the government considered him linked to the movement.
Yavuz Ekrem ArslanBrigadier general06,11,2017Negligence by authoritiesJailed brigadier general Yavuz Ekrem Arslan, who was former commander of Manisa 1st Infantry Private Training Brigade, has lost his life in Gülhane Military Hospital (GATA), where he has been treated.

Brigadier Arslan was detained in wake of a controversial coup attempt on July 15, 2016. He was later arrested by a court and put behind the bars. He was transferred to GATA following he has been sick after staying 259 days in the prison.
Abdurrahman Şen01,12,2017Negligence by authorities (Diabetic)Died in Alanya L Tipi Prison.
Yılmaz Duruk17,11,2017Negligence by authorities The death of a sick prisoner, Yılmaz Duruk (57), who was hospitalised following he was diagnosed with infection, on November 17, 2017 that is seven months after applying to a doctor about his toothache complaints.

Duruk, a prisoner kept in Mersin E-type Open Prison since April, 2017, has lost his life in Mersin University Hospital. His family applied to Turkey’s Center for Prison Studies/Civil Society in the Penal System(TCPS/CISST) on November 2 and reported that Duruk was taken to intensive care unit due to an infection that began at his teeth and later spread to his whole body. The family was told to “be prepared for everything” by the doctors. 15 days later, he was declared brain death.

According to information his family gave to CİSST, Duruk was arrested on March 27, 2017 and was sent to Mersin E-type Closed Prison. In the same month, Duruk applied to the prison doctor due to toothache complaints. After being kept for one month in closed prison, he was transferred to the open prison and he was examined by the prison doctor during March, April and August.

Seven months after his arrest, his doctor referred him to Mersin Toros State Hospital Emergency Polyclinic on October 24, 2017 due to a abscess in his teeth. His family reported that although Duruk fainted while waiting in the line at the hospital, he was given a serum and sent back to prison. According to the documents of the prison administration, Duruk was sent to the Faculty of Medicine Infection Polyclinic of Mersin University on October 26, 2017 again with an “emergency transfer” due to an infection.

İdil Aydınoğlu from CİSST, told Bianet that they spoke to relevant institutions on November 3, upon Duruk’s family’s complaint. On November 14, the prison administration responded to CİSST that “necessary examinations and treatments were undertaken for Duruk and that the prison did not act negligent on the matter”.

However, Aydınoğlu stated that “Normally, this open prison has a capacity of 140 people but at the moment there are 360 people. Since the capacities are exceeded, prisoners who do not fit in the wards, are staying in ateliers. This causes a serious hygiene problem and one inmate getting sick affects everyone else.”

Saying that the prisoners reported that the prison administration told them they ‘would not be sent to hospital except for heart attack,’ Aydınoğlu has said that “In addition, there are also claims that the doctors do not take sufficient care of the prisoners since prisoners’ ward is far away from the polyclinics where the doctors are in Mersin City Hospital.”
Ahmet Kalaycı21,10,2017Suicide
Tugay UsluImam09,11,2017AccidentTurkish imam Tugay Uslu, who was dismissed from his duty by a government decree as part of Turkish government massive post-coup witch hunt campaign targeting alleged members of the Gülen movement, lost his life suspiciously in a accident that his motorcycle was rear ended by a stolen vehicle in İzmir province. The stolen car was later found abandoned.
Imam Tugay Uslu lost his life in an accident that happened in the evening of 9th December with rear end collision in Bergama district of İzmir province. The car, which was filed a report of stolen.
Imam Uslu, who was married and father of two children, was injured as a result of a rear end collision, while he was going with his own motorcycle. The family, who were unaware of the accident, filed a missing person report as he didn’t return home.
On Sunday around 10:00 in the city, a person named O.E. has filed a complaint to the police by stating that his 35 VPB 33 plated car, which was parked in front of his house, was stolen. The police, who began to work, found the vehicle abandoned near by a creek on the way to Bergama-Kozak. Uslu’s dead body was found inside the creek.
The footage taken from the closest camera to the accident has showed that the vehicle hit Uslu was the same vehicle which was stolen.
Murat Açar16,12,2017SuicideTurkish police claimed that 24-year-old Murat Araç, who was detained on a road check point in Antalya’s Gazipaşa district, has committed suicide by jumping out of a 3rd floor window of the District Security Directorate.
According to reports, the Güney Outpost units under the Gazipaşa District Gendarmerie Command stopped a passenger bus coming from mostly Kurdish populated Southeast Anatolie at a road check point and Murat Araç was detained after the ID checks.
Murat Araç was referred to court after processing in the gendarmerie, and then gave a deposition in the prosecutor’s office. Later, he was turned over to Alanya Security Directorate Anti-terror Unit Police. M.A. was taken to the Gazipaşa District Security Directorate from the courthouse and the police claims that he jumped out of a window on the third floor at 18.00 on December 16, 2017. M.A.’s body has been taken to the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institution for an autopsy.
Hüdaverdi AdamProfessor23,12,2017Accident
Selman Aşçı27,12,2017Negligence by authorities Thirty-two years old Selman Aşçı, who was detained because of his membership to the Gülen movement affiliated charity organisation Kimse You mu, and has been kept in pre-trial detention in İzmir’s notorious Şakran Prison over a year, lost his life.

Selman Aşcı was a cancer patient and he had to got treatment in his prison. Weeks before his demise, his health situation got worse. Despite all of his applications to be transferred to a hospital, requested permit was not granted by the prison authorities.

Ten days after his health conditions became much severe and his bowels have already exploded he was taken to a hospital and taken directly to an intensive care unit. Since his bowels have already exploded, Aşçı could not be rescued despite all the interventions.

The Turkish Justice Ministry and the prison administration have not made any statements about the death of Aşçı. Aşçı was married and has 2 children.
Murat SaatAuthor28,12,2017Heart AttackTurkish author Murat Saat, who dies in prison due to negligence. Jailed Turkish author Murat Saat, who lost his life after 15 days of coma in the aftermath of a heart attack that he lived on December 13, was buried in his hometown. Saat was being imprisoned in Bandırma No. 2 T-type Closed Prison and the prison administration was accused of negligence for his demise.

Author Saat’s funeral was firstly taken to the Bursa Forensic Medicine morgue for autopsy procedures and then buried in his hometown. Saat’s body was brought to the Boyalıcı neighborhood in Havza district of Samsun province where he grew up, and was buried.

Ertan Tan, a prisoner in the same jail, has sent a letter and claimed that Saat had a heart attack and the prison administration intervened late. Tan wrote that Saat was taken to the hospital by ring vehicle instead of ambulance an his heart beat started pulsating after it stopped for a while.

Murat Saat was born in 1974 and when he was 22 years old, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996 in a case against Revolutionary People’s Party. Saat, who was in prison for 21 years, was exiled from Sincan No. 2 F-Type Closed Prison to Bandırma No. 2 T-Type Closed Prison where he was imprisoned there for two years. The book, titled “Is that You My Best Friend?” was awarded in the 2014 by the International Ankara Short Story Association.
Lokman ErsoyTeacher08,01,2018Negligence by authorities Jailed teacher Lokman Ersoy dies because of maltreatment, negligence in Turkish prison

Teacher Lokman Ersoy lost his life because of maltreatment and negligence of Turkish authorities during his stay in prison under the rule of emergency declared in the aftermath of a controversial coup attempt on July 15, 2016 in Turkey.

Jailed teacher Lokman Ersoy, whose repeating requests for release with pending trial over his worsening health conditions in Balıkesir’s Kepsut Prison was rejected by the prison management and legal authorities. Since his health conditions have deteriorated more severely he was eventually released from prison. However, it was too late and Ersoy lost his life since he could have not got on-time health treatment.

The health condition of Lokman Ersoy, who was jailed over his alleged links to the Gülen movement and whose repeated applications for having health treatment were rejected by the authorities, has become worse during his stay in the prison.

However, as a result of efforts for a long period of time, Ersoy was eventually released from the prison just a few days before his death. Due to the worsening of his health problems, the medicines and treatments at the hospital have not given any result and Ersoy lost his life in an İzmir hospital.

It was also claimed that, eight petitions submitted by Ersoy, who was kept at A-2 Ward of Kepsut Prison, to the authorities to visit an infirmary were also rejected by the prison management.

Therefore the health conditions of Ersoy have worsened and eventually he was emergently taken to a hospital by an ambulance. He was diagnosed to have stone or tumor in his gallstone and cancer during his first examination at the hospital. It was also reported that Ersoy had always hemorrhoids during his long stay in the prison.
Celal Şeker03,02,2018Negligence by authorities Celal Şeker, has lost his life because of negligence and maltreatment of the authorities in Turkey.

Celal Şeker, who was not released from Diyarbakır D Type Closed Prison by Turkish authorities despite of the reports on his critical health conditions, has lost his life.

The medical reports have showed that Şeker’s health has been in critical conditions. Since his illness makes Şeker “96 percent disabled,” the doctors has reported that he has not been eligible to stay in prison. However, all applications for release of Şeker from prison were reportedly rejected by the legal authorities.

Celal Şeker, who was referred to the Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital in Diyarbakır after he has experienced a strong heart attack on January 19, 2018, has been struggling for his life in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital since then.

All appeals made by the voluntary lawyers of Turkey’s Human Rights Association (İHD) for the release of Şeker have been refused by the authorities and the lawyers had appealed to the Constitutional Court as the last resort. However, the Constitutional Court has also rejected the request for his release from the prison on the grounds that “the applicant had access to health services.”

The body of Celal Şeker was burried in his home towm Muş.
Naim ÇıtırBusinessman22,01,2018Negligence by authorities Naim Çıtır, founding chairman of Konya Business Union AKTİSAD, who was jailed and whose assets were confiscated during the Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt targeting the alleged members of the Gülen movement in the aftermath of a controversial military coup attempt on July 15, 2016, couldn’t bear the persecutions and stress, passed away.

Naim Çıtır had been one of the victims of Turkish government’s feud policies against the activists and philanthropists who have been affiliated with the Gülen movement following December 17-25, 2013 corruption investigation.

First, Çıtır was jailed with the charge of a membership to a terrorist organization without any evidence, and then all his assets were seized. The charitable businessman got cancer during his 6 months of imprisonment. While he should have stayed in a hospital and received treatment, his health situation got worse day by day because of the poor conditions and neglect in prison. Çıtır was passed away due to the complications related to his illness. ceremony.
Vahyettin Yahya BayatBusinessman09,02,2018Heart AttackVahyettin Yahya Bayat, a 65-year-old Turkish businessman under arrest as part of an investigation into the Gulen group, passed away after a heart attack. Bayat lost his life in his cell in Diyarbakır Prison following a heart attack. It was reported that Bayat has been suffering severe heart problems.
Ahmet Turan ÖzceritAss. Profesor12,02,2018CancerAss. Profesor Ahmet Turan Özcerit, who used to work at Sakarya University’s Faculty of Computer and Information Science until he was first arrested and jailed and then dismissed from his duty at the university over his alleged links to the Gülen movement, has lost his life. He has been diagnosed with cancer in his liver and intestines during his stay in the prison.

Özcerit was arrested as part of a Sakarya-based investigation into the movement on August 8, 2016 and a post-coup emergency decree No 672 sacked him from the university on September 1, 2016. The indictment against Özcerit was prepared only 13 months after his jailing and Özcerit has developed serious medical problems since then.

His relatives had announced his deteriorating health situation on social media on September 2017 and stated that “Five weeks ago, he was taken from Bandırma Prison to a hospital with some problems including intense pains, lack of appetite, excess weight loss in short time. When the hospital in Bandırma district [in Balıkesir province] failed to treat him, he was referred to the Atatürk Training and Research Hospital in İzmir province where he was diagnosed with tumor in his liver and intestines. Also, the tumors had already metastasized to different parts of his body.”

Özcerit’s children as well as his wife were also denied request to see him in prison. “My father has been diagnosed with liver cancer and needs immediate treatment. He is now being kept at the detention ward of İzmir Training and Research Hospital. Neither my mother nor anyone else is allowed to keep him company. All I want is to see him free and healthy,” Sinan Özcerit had told TR724 news portal on September 9, 2017.

“After he was arrested, my father first put in a prison in Sakarya and then transferred to Bandırma Prison. During this time the pain in his stomach got worse and he sent a petition to the prison management, asking to see a doctor. He was told that some 200 arrestees were waiting to see the doctor and therefore he had to wait. In several weeks, he got so much worse and lost around 15 kilograms. He eventually lost his consciousness. When they finally saw that he was in a critical situation, the prison management brought him to Bandırma hospital and then transferred him to İzmir,” the son told the news portal.

“He has a tumor in his liver. He can’t eat. He loses weight. He also has ulcer and gallbladder stone. We got a medical report and demanded his release from the Sakarya 5th High Criminal Court. The judge looked at the report and asked for a committee report. We went back to the doctor and asked for that committee report and he told us he could give it only after the surgery. When we ask when would the surgery happen, we were not given any specific date. Both the doctor and the judge are scared. At the prison, we were allowed to see our father every two week. However, here at the hospital, we are not allowed to see him at all,” Sinan Özcerit had said.

Sinan Özcerit has earlier told the online news outlet Kronos that “They turned our home upside down. They seized some children’s books. They also seized a copy of the Count of Monte Cristo as evidence during a raid at our neighbor. They took away my father and we failed to hear from him for 3 days. Authorities have never answered our inquiries. We ultimately located him after 3 days and took some clean underwear to him. He said the detention conditions are awful. They let him only to stay in underclothes with his hands cuffed. When they [detainees] asked for water, they replied: ‘You don’t even deserve to drink water.’ They beat my father and tortured him. We got doctor report for that. He was forced to stay with 20 other people in a 4-people cell. They slept in turns as there was no enough space for everyone to sleep at the same time. When he was transferred from police custody to prison, he said it was like a paradise to stay in prison comparing to the previous place.”
Adnan ÇetinAir Forces’ colonel16,02,2018Negligence by authorities Lawyer Kemal Uçar has stated that Colonel Adnan Çetin jailed in İstanbul’s notorious Silivri Prison has lost his life because of the prison authorities’ negligence after he has experienced a celebral hemorrhage.

Uçar has shared serial tweets on his personal Twitter account and stated that “I have confirmed that brain death of (a colonel) has occurred. … The family members of this colonel has still not been allowed to enter his room because he is still a prisoner. Soldiers are waiting at his door. It is a total eclipse of mind to think that a soldier who is brain-dead could escape.”

The serial Twitter posts of lawyer Kemal Uçar are as follows:

“Today I went to Silivri Prison to visit my 2 clients who are military officers and jailed in the B-1 ward of the No. 4 Prison. An horrible incident was experienced in their ward on February 13, 2018…

“A colonel from Turkish Air Forces, who was jailed as part of Turkish Air Force case which will be tried on April 16, 2018 and has been remanded in the same ward with my clients, has experienced a severe health problem. The severity of his health situation could be seen even with the naked eye…

“The Colonel was immediately carried to infirmary. However, he was brought back to the ward after he was only given serum as it was still attached to his body. He arrived to the ward in a situation that he could not walk, could not speak, and could not move… The other inmates in the ward reported the situation to the prison guards.

“However, since the Colonel was previously examined by a doctor, it became a issue of discussion whether to transfer him to hospital or not. Following the begging and insistence of other inmates for about 20-25 minutes, the Colonel was eventually transferred to Silivri State Hospital. The bitter facts have emerged there…

“The Colonel was immediately referred by the Silivri State Hospital to Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Education Research Hospital… Because the Colonel was experiencing a celebral hemorrhage…

“Due to the belated first intervention and progress in bleeding, I have learned that, the Colonel’s Brain death was already realised…

“The detention” that is said to be a “measure” now goes beyond the punishments. Those who have been arrested as a “measure” have lost their lives, their lives!.. Can you bring the life of anybody who has passed away? If you can not look after a patient, then do not arrest him/her. The persecutions have became unbearable!..”
Deniz Hakan Şen06,03,2018Negligence by authorities
Mehmet KoşarTeacher12,03,2018SuicideThirty-eight-year-old teacher Mehmet Koşar, who was dismissed from his job by a government decree issued under a state of emergency declared in the aftermath of a controversial coup attempt in Turkey on July 15, 2016 over alleged links to the Gülen movement, committed suicide on March 9, 2018 in Muğla province.

Koşar and his wife were teachers. However, both of them were dismissed from their jobs over their alleged links to the movement.

Koşar, who had been a computer teacher at a public school in the Seydikemer neighbourhood of Fethiye in Muğla province, could not bear the psychological burden of being fired and being considered “the other” by society and as a result committed suicide. Koşar was reportedly buried in the Karadere Cemetery in Seydikemer after a funeral ceremony. He has two children.
Şahabettin ErdoğanPolice officer18,03,2018Heart Attack
Teoman GökçeJudge02,04,2018Heart attackJudge Teoman Gökçe, a former member of Turkey’s Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) who was jailed following a controversial military coup attempt on July 15, 2016 died in Sincan Prison in Ankara. The Turkish media reported that Gökçe died of a heart attack.
Gökçe was arrested and jailed as part of a massive post-coup witch hunt carried out by the Turkish government led by autocratic Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan against alleged members of the Gülen movement.
Gökçe reportedly experienced a heart attack, and was unable to be saved despite emergency medical intervention.
Cemal GürerTeacher25,04,2018CancerTeacher Cemal Gürer, who was jailed as part of Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt campaign targeting alleged members of the Gülen movement in the wake of the controversial coup attempt on July 15, 2016, lost his life as his pre-trial detention has been continuing.
Cemal Gürer, who used to work as educator in Elazığ province for years, lost his life as his pre-trial detention continued in an Elazığ prison over his alleged links to the Gülen movement.
Gürer was arrested and put into prison after the coup attempt. His cancer recrudesced during his stay in prison and he could not get sufficient and appropriate treatment in prison. After his health situation became more severe, Gürer was reportedly taken to a hospital last week. However, it was too late for him and veteran educator Gürer lost his life.
Halime GülsüTeacher28,04,2018Negligence by authorities Halime Gülsu, a 34-year-old unemployed English teacher, died in jail because she was denied the necessary treatment for a chronic disease she has been suffering from since childhood, according to witnesses and the preliminary autopsy report.
Gülsu, who was arrested on Feb. 20, 2018 along with dozens of other women for allegedly helping the families of people who were jailed over alleged links to the faith-based Gülen movement, died in prison in Mersin province. She was suffering from lupus erythematosus and was reportedly deprived of the medication she took for this disease while in jail.
Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, a renowned human rights activist and a doctor by profession, who spoke to Gülsu’s brothers, said she was kept in police detention for 15 days and then arrested and sent to Mersin Prison. During the time she was in police custody, according to what Gülsu’s brothers told Gergerlioğlu, the brothers were not allowed to see their sister, and although they brought medication to be given to her immediately, she never received it. The brothers told Gergerlioğlu that one of Halime Gülsu’s cellmates, who was later released, told them their sister was not given her medication while in detention.
The brothers also said they were informed later that Halime Gülsu appeared in court and was sent to Tarsus Prison and that they did not know whether she was subjected to any maltreatment or torture during the process.
One of Gülsu’s brothers, Metin, said he brought Gülsu’s medical reports along with her medication while she was in detention but later learned that the reports went missing.
“The patient was referred to a hospital in Tarsus due to the reports that went missing and the ambiguity over her drugs. Following an examination there, the doctors claimed that the disease from which she had been suffering from years simply does not exist. This is an unbelievable situation,” wrote Gergerlioğlu, adding that for someone suffering from lupus erythematosus, it is very important to live in a healthy environment in addition to taking medication regularly.
According to Gergerlioğlu, in people suffering from lupus erythematosus, the disease doesn’t affect one part of the body but rather all the internal organs because it is systemic, and the lives of these people are filled with hardship because the medication they take affects their immune system, and their condition is likely to deteriorate even due to a small health problem.
Gülsu was reportedly jailed in an overcrowded prison cell, with 21 people including three children staying in the 12-person cell.
Gülsu was last seen by her brother Metin on April 25, when she was brought back from an examination at Mersin Şehir Hospital. The brother told Gergerlioğlu that Gülsu looked exhausted and told her brother she was feeling very unwell.
Shortly after her brother left, Gülsu got worse, her breathing stopped and she was taken to the prison infirmary.
“Gülsu was showing all the signs of imminent death, but the necessary action was not taken. She had to be taken to an intensive care unit. As is mentioned in her preliminary autopsy report, she had signs of heart and kidney failure. As a doctor, I can say the clinical situation of Gülsu and my examination of her preliminary autopsy report show a very neglected patient,” wrote Gergerlioğlu.
The renowned activist said if the necessary medical action had been taken at an intensive care unit, it would have saved her life, but instead Gülsu was taken back to prison from the infirmary, where she died.
Ahmet OkBusinessman20,10,2016Heart Attack
İbrahim Halil ÖzyavuzDoctor01,06,2018SuicideThe family members of Dr. İbrahim Halil Özyavuz, a brilliant medical doctor who was detained by Turkish police and imprisoned a month ago as part of the Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt campaign targeting alleged members of the Gülen movement, said that he did not commit suicide but lost his life after he has been subject to heavy torture by police officers under pre-trial detention.
Previously it was reported that Dr. Özyavuz attempted to commit suicide in the notorious Silivri Prison and he lost his life after two days in an intensive care unit at the Haseki State Hospital in İstanbul.
Dr. Özyavuz’s family members stated that the cause of his death is the torture that he was subjected under pre-trial detention. Family members said they have seen the traces of heavy torture on his body as they came to get his funeral in İstanbul.
Dr. Özyavuz’s family were first given three different explanations by police about the cause of his death and then they have been threatened by police to not search the reason of the death of their beloved one. Father Özyavuz has said “They can also kill us. There is no state here.”
Dr. Özyavuz was a successful radiologist who studied at the prestigious Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of İstanbul University, graduated with honors and came third in the national Exam on Medical Expertise (TUS). Years ago, Özyavuz’s extraordinary success in a university entrance exam was also extensively covered by the Turkish media since he was the child of a poor farm family with seven children in Turkey’s Şanlıurfa province.
Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, one of Turkey’s most prominent human rights defenders and a medical doctor, also shared the same information on Dr. Özyavuz and condemned the persecution of innocent people by the Erdoğan regime. Özyavuz was accused of allegedly using the ByLock mobile phone application.
İsmail ÜlkerPolice chief17,06,2018Negligence by authorities İsmail Ülker, a 42-year-old former police chief, who has been imprisoned for 23 months over his alleged links to the Gülen movement as part of Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt campaign, passed away because of belated cancer treatment.
Ülker had neither been released from prison nor been allowed to have treatment for a long time despite of a report given by a board of doctors about his deteriorated health conditions and his urgent need for the treatment. Ülker was just allowed by the Turkish authorities to have treatment, however it was too late and he has lost his life at the hospital.
Ismail Ülker was reportedly arrested and sent to prison in July 2016. He had became ill here and was diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite of his severe sickness he was not released from prison and his treatment was also blocked by the authorities. After numbers of applications eventually he was granted to take health treatment a month ago.
Fatih ÇPolice officer01,07,2018SuicideFormer police officer Fatih Ç, who was dismissed by government decree under a state of emergency declared in the aftermath of a controversial coup attempt on July 15, 2016 over alleged links to the Gülen movement, died by suicide in Kahramanmaraş province.
Fatih Ç. shot himself with his grandfather’s rifle in a house in the Beyoğlu neighbourhood of Kahramanmaraş’s Türkoğlu district. Following his dismissal from his job, 31-year-old Fatih Ç. reportedly experienced severe depression.
Zeki GüvenIntelligence chief of the Ankara Police Department 01,07,2018Heart Attack??Zeki Güven, the former intelligence chief of the Ankara Police Department who was arrested by a Turkish court in May as part of the Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt targeting alleged members of the Gülen movement, was found dead in his bed at Sincan No 1 F Type Prison. According to reports in the Turkish media, Turkish authorities have started an investigation into the suspicious death of Güven.
Güven had been dismissed from his latest position as assistant chief of police in Bolu over alleged links to the Gülen movement in 2015, and later a detention warrant was issued on accusations of being an “executive member of a terrorist organization.” Güven and his wife, Judge Sevda Güven, were detained on May 22, 2018 at a shopping mall in Eskişehir province over alleged links to the Gülen movement.
According to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency, detention warrants issued by Ankara’s 2nd, 4th and 14th high criminal courts were outstanding for Zeki Güven over his alleged involvement in the revelation of a sex scandal concerning Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) leader Deniz Baykal in 2010. Judge Sevda Güven is also reportedly wanted over alleged membership in the Gülen movement.
He did not have the opportunity to appear in court in a case that includes an accusation of involvement in the revelation of the sex scandal concerning Baykal.
According to the official statement, Zeki Güven died from a heart attack; however, given the previous incidents and deaths in Turkish prisons, his death is being viewed as suspicious.
Nesrin Gençosman12,07,2018Negligence by authorities Nesrin Gençosman, a 30-year-old Turkish woman who was put in pretrial detention in May 2018 over alleged links to the Gülen movement, died in a Turkish prison in Ordu province, reportedly due to deprivation of the medication she took for pneumonitis.

Gençosman was taken from the prison to Ordu City Hospital several days ago where she went into a coma and died.
Davut DemirkaleBusinessman14,07,2018SuicideDavut Demirkale, a Turkish businessman who was arrested over his alleged links to the Gülen movement on July 8, 2018 in southern city of Mersin, has been found dead in suspicious circumstances in prison.

Demirkale was found dead in a cell in Mersin Prison, having allegedly hung himself with a bed-sheet and left behind a note saying he could not endure the injustice.

However, Mersin Siyaset, a local news website, reported that a prosecutor has launched an investigation on the grounds that Demirkale’s death in prison is suspicious. Some media outlets have also alleged that that Demirkale was found dead with his hands tied.
Recep AbdioğluTeacher24,07,2018Negligence by authorities Recep Abdioğlu, a 53-year-old teacher, died in a Turkish prison in Trabzon province after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage.
Abdioğlo was jailed in March 2018 over his alleged links to the Gülen movement as part of the Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt targeting alleged members of the movement.
Abdioğlu, a father of five, became unemployed after the closure of a private school by a government decree issued under a state of emergency declared in the aftermath of a controversial coup attempt on July 15, 2016, over its alleged affiliation with the Gülen movement.
Sabri ÇolakAcademic24,07,2018Heart Attack/ Negligence by authorities Prof. Dr. Sabri Çolak (69), a retired Turkish academic who was jailed over alleged links to the Gülen movement, died in prison.

Çolak, who was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years’ imprisonment, died in a high-security prison in Van province from a heart attack. It was known that the professor suffered from heart problems.

Prof. Dr. Çolak was detained over alleged links to the Gülen movement in the aftermath of a controversial coup attempt on July 15, 2016. The Erzurum 3rd High Criminal Court had arrested Çolak with an interview in a documentary broadcast on Irmak TV and newspapers with photographs of US-based Turkish Muslim scholar Fethullah Gülen presented as evidence of alleged membership in a “terror organization.”

The same court had also ruled for the continuation of his imprisonment. Çolak was held in prison for over two years.
Murat Tüfekçi20, 09, 2018Heart Attack/ Negligence by authorities Murat Tüfekçi, was detained and jailed as part of the Turkish government’s massive post-coup witch hunt targeting alleged members of the Gülen movement, died after he suffered a heart attack in prison. Tüfekçi had been held in Karabük Prison for the last two-and-a-half years.
Mehmet Özbir16,10,2018Cancer/ Negligence by authorities Mehmet Özbir, 41, died of cancer that developed when he was in pretrial detention over Gülen links and which caused his health to deteriorate significantly due to a lack of medical care in prison.
Özbir was arrested in August 2016 as part of a crackdown on the Gülen movement after a controversial coup attempt in 2016 and was jailed for more than 16 months in Manisa on terrorism charges.
He was diagnosed with cancer while in prison but reportedly did not receive proper treatment, which eventually led to the amputation of his arm. As his situation later worsened, a court ordered his release pending trial.
After getting out of jail in December, Özbir started a course of chemotherapy, but his cancer reappeared and he was hospitalized in May.
The father of three, Özbir spent his final days in the hospital in Manisa province.
Recep TürkPostman26,11,2018Cancer/ Negligence by authorities Recep Turk, a postman, was arrested as part of a government crackdown on the Gülen movement. He suffered from pancreatic cancer in Samsun Bafra prison following unjust detention. He was released pending trial on parole when his health condition got worse. But it was late for treatment. Türk, died in the hospital where he was being treated.
İbrahim Akbaba29,12,2018Heart Attack/ Negligence by authorities İbrahim Akbaba, an 80-year-old Kurdish man died of heart attack in Edirne F Type Prison. Akbaba, a Kurdish citizen who was accused by Turkish prosecutors of membership in a terrorist organization, attended his first hearings via teleconference from the Edirne Prison. He went into cardiac arrest during the hearing, according to human rights activist and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu. “80-year old arrestee İbrahim Akbaba died of heart attack during a hearing which he attended via Segbis — teleconference. May he rest in peace. He will be laid to rest in Mardin, Kızıltepe,” Gergerlioğlu tweeted.
Burak Cihangir24-01-2018SuicideBurak Cihangir, a 26-year-old man who was put under arrest in İskenderun in southern Turkey, was found hanging in the toilet of the prison ward where he was held. Cihangir’s body was delivered to his family following an autopsy while an investigation was reportedly launched into the young man’s death by the İskenderun Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.